Latest Last mile delivery tracking software in 2019


Delivery track and management software is one of most used software since the number of restaurants, grocery stores, laundry, ecommerce have moved from in store business to online mode, thus increasing the demand for last mile tracking and management software. One of the latest addition to the Last mile delivery tracking software in 2019 is Deliforce.

Deliforce, is one of its kind last mile delivery tracking software, that can be easily integrated and used with web application and customer mobile app, offering the business owner with convenience and transparency. Deliforce is a last mile delivery tracking, appointment management and fieldforce tracking and management platform, that helps in boosting business and generating more revenue.

Features offered

Deliforce offers a wide variety of user-friendly and utility features which encourages the business owners to use this delivery order tracking software in order to offer a global platform to their business.

Last Mile Delivery tracking software

Easy task allocation

Task allocation to the drivers and the delivery boys is done with few simple clicks, along with bulk assignment of tasks. The drivers receive instant  task notifications, so that they can take up the task immediately. This is a time and effort saving feature, that Deliforce offers to the users and business owners.

Real time traceability

All agents and delivery boys can be traced in real time with Deliforce, and the admin or business owner can track the location of each of the drivers and agents from any remote location. Thus, clarity and transparency in business is promoted.

Smart notifications

Instant task notifications are send to the delivery boys, as soon as tasks are assigned to them, This helps them to take up the tasks, sooner. Email and SMS notifications are also send to the customers, thus informing them about the status of delivery and the estimated delivery time.

Route optimization

Smart route optimization helps the drivers to deliver faster and on time, without travelling to the same locations again and again. Route optimization is time and cost effective and hence more number of deliveries could be done in lesser amount of time.

Automatic report and analytics generation

All business reports and analytics are generated automatically, which can be filtered based on dates and status of the tasks. This gives a complete overview of the entire business, easily.  


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Advantages of Last Mile Delivery Tracking Software

Deliforce, the best delivery management software offers various advantages to the business owners who uses it. These are as follows:

  • Better management and traceability
  • On-time delivery
  • Customer satisfaction and retention
  • Easier integration with other platforms

Deliforce is the ultimate and latest last mile delivery tracking software in 2019, that offers a new dimension to the delivery and pickup business, all over the world.


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