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Driver Management System

The significant growth of the restaurant, hotels, and grocery business during the COVID-19 shows the importance of a mobile app in the delivery management business. Drivers or the delivery agents play a substantial role in the effective running of a delivery business. Away from the traditional delivery practices, automating logistics and delivery business with driver management software removes the existing challenges in the business and enhances business growth. For instance, grocery sales have enhanced up to 40% during the pandemic. All these have been achieved because of the driver management online system.

The key reason that provides a positive outlook on the delivery boy management system is the easy and systematic coordination of delivery activities, especially with the combined effort of delivery agents and the driver tracking system or mobile app. In the traditional business, where no driver management system is used, notable defects were analyzed which are now rectified with the integration of the pickup and delivery software. Below mentioned are the five solutions offered by Deliforce, driver management software to manage the major challenges faced by drivers in the delivery business.

Efficient order management and saves time

order management

The labor-intensive work scenarios have changed and everything can be managed and coordinated using the software. For instance, the restaurant business following the traditional business pattern where no driver management software is used to ease down the tedious tasks, the efficiency would be much lower than with a business owning the driver management online app. You don’t need to mark the logistic information in the online calendar. The driver tracking system/app real-time tracks the location of the drivers, and streamlines all the data.

Using a delivery boy management system offers high flexibility to the business that the last-minute changes never create hassles as the traditional system does. You don’t need to contact each driver and communicate with them. The pickup and delivery software manages every operation as per the new schedule. The driver management software gives notifications and updates to the drivers regarding when an order is placed, dispatched, or shipped. The driver tracking system/app saves a good chunk of time, money, and fuel. 

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Efficient communication with drivers

Communication is the main factor when it comes to food ordering in the delivery business. To deliver food on time and to avoid misplaced or mistaken deliveries, an efficient delivery boy management system is mandatory to enhance the performance of the business and to avoid negative reviews. Thus driver management online software bridges this communication gap that customers can contact their drivers in case of any help.

For example, Deliforce is a SaaS-based delivery management system that offers real-time tracking of delivery agents and coordination of delivery operations. Notifications will be sent to the drivers in case of any change in the schedules. The software helps the admin to assign various tasks to the drivers and all those changes can be seen on the driver tracking system dashboard. Admin can also delete, add, cancel and transfer tasks from one driver to another. Therefore, pickup and delivery software enhance the productivity of the drivers.

Real-time tracking of drivers

Real-time tracking of drivers

Deliforce’s driver management software offers real-time tracking of the delivery agents and smart route optimization. The extensive dashboard of the driver tracking system shows the name of the driver and their status of the task along with a wide map view. The delivery boy management system gives an idea of the current delivery status, whether the product is delivered or not, the precise location of the driver using the integrated GPS system, and their progress of the work.

Efficient driver management software will give alerts if some troubles occur. Fuel and carbon check alerts will be sent to the driver’s app to know the exact amount of money spend on fuels. 

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Smart route optimization

Customer satisfaction is the main concern of any logistic business. Therefore, fast and on-time product deliveries matter. Using pickup and delivery software, drivers can navigate through the smartest and the best possible shortest route covering multiple destinations. The route is provided by the driver management software itself based on many factors like traffic of the routes, weather conditions, resource capacity, customer preferences, and many more. This ensures timely deliveries offering ultimate customer satisfaction.

The delivery route challenges can be easily identified by using driver management online software. As per the statistics, up to 22% of the delivery vehicles crash occur during bad weather conditions. The driver tracking system/app forecasts the weather conditions using the collected historical data of the place by taking into consideration the real-time weather and traffic data. This increases the efficiency of the delivery operations of the drivers.

Easy success determination

Fulfilling your ideas efficiently and earning high revenue was difficult in the traditional delivery business. But due to the advent of pickup and delivery software, it is easy to access the progress of your business and its growth. The various areas of your restaurant business can be evaluated by using certain performance indicators (KPIs). The powerful digital analytics of the driver management software is used to monitor the key metrics, finally helping to gauge the performance of your delivery services. In Deliforce, there are high-performance indicators to comprehend the number of deliveries per day.

The key logistics metrics of the driver management online software are the number of deliveries, on-time deliveries, transit time, the accuracy of the order, average time per order, etc. Reports can be generated according to the analysis. The delivery agents can also track their daily status of the work, number of completed and pending tasks, and it helps them to keep a record of their own.


Driver management software is necessary to optimize the last-mile deliveries of any delivery and logistic services. It offers efficient route planning, real-time tracking and data streamlining, enhanced KPI benchmarking, automated task allocation, reduced cost per miles, and provides a good customer experience. The pickup and delivery software enhances the supply management chain and offers full control over the deliveries. Deliforce is an efficient driver tracking system providing the best delivery management solutions for your last mile logistics business. Contact us online to know more about our features!



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