What is the role of digitization in banking industry


Today digitalization of documents became unavoidable for the banking industry as it plays a crucial role by eliminating the repetitive tasks and making everything automated. As the usage of smartphones getting increased digitization of the banking sector is inevitable to gain the increasing expectations of the customers all around the world. It helps to reduce human errors and increases convenience.

Nowadays there are common issues in banking sectors like after the Debit/ Credit card, Cheque books and any other important documents are dispatched through the courier, if the customer is not available at the given location (home, office), it is not much secured to give those documents to others as they are much confidential. So, again the documents will be sent to the bank and the customer may need to come to banks to collect it or the documents need to be re-sent, which is a time-taking process. To resolve this issue we came up with a solution. 

By using Deliforce software there will not be any delay in dispatch and there won’t be any repetitive or missed deliveries. Customers can select their convenient time slots so that the delivery agent can issue the documents to the customers in person. Customers can get alert notifications and can also track the location of the delivery boy and can get the details about the estimated time of delivery.

digitization in banking industry

Schedule delivery
Offers flexible services by providing quick, on-time, and efficient delivery of products. By using the deliforce software, customers can schedule their available date and time. If they are not going to be available in the mentioned date and time, they can even reschedule their delivery. As all this information will be updated to the bank admin and the delivery agent, the delivery process can be planned in a much efficient way.

Tracking and ETA
Customers and the bank admin can track the exact location of the delivery person and they can also know about the estimated time of delivery. This helps the customers to plan their tasks. Customers can also know whether the delivery person is in the traffic or any delay in the dispatch of the documents and can schedule their day accordingly

Optimized Route
The delivery person will be suggested the optimized route which helps in reaching the destination in the on-time without any delay. This helps in reducing the delivery cost, time, efforts, and fuel consumption.

Alert Notifications
Customers will get notifications about the dispatch of their bank documents through SMS or Email. Customers will get each update about the dispatch of their bank documents which helps them to know exactly when their documents will be delivered. 

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Digitalization of documents
Another common issue in the banking sector for the completion of the KYC process is collection of the hard copies of documents during the verification process and then again submitting in the banks. In order to speed up the process, the KYC person can directly scan the documents and upload into the app which will be sent to the server, thereby increasing the operation efficiency. Deliforce is a SaaS-based last-mile delivery tracking and management software which helps in digitalization of documents and helps in streamlining all the banking tasks.




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