Bridging the gap between ecommerce and logistics management

Deliforce, the E-commerce delivery tracking management software, acts as a bridge between the ecommerce companies and logistic companies. Bridging this gap helps ecommerce companies to carry out hassle-free, seamless pickup and delivery operations, with real time tracking and management. Ecommerce companies now get a better visibility and grab a larger customer base, with its focus only on the customer service with the E commerce shipping management software. The management of the logistics as well as field agents are taken care by this simplest workforce management platform.

E-commerce delivery tracking management software

Key facts


Increased no of deliveries


Increased route planning accuracy


Increased utilization of resources


Increased real time tracking efficiency


Decreased delay in deliveries


Decreased turn-around time

Benefits that drives you into the ocean of Deliforce

The ultimate management solution for the customer oriented ecommerce business assisting in operations optimization.
customer Customers

Ecommerce industry receives a boost with this outstanding and super convenient tracking and management solution, along with customer satisfaction, offering real time updates to customers regarding delivery.

agent Delivery Agents

The pickup and delivery tasks are automatically dispatched to the agents,thus automating and optimizing operations of ecommerce industry. They able to collect EOD, or e-signature from the customers.

dashboard Dashboard

The heart of this application, the dashboard offers a bird’s eye view of the entire operations and is used to create and distribute tasks, managing and tracking them continuously.

How it works

The best tracking and management solution for last mile delivery tracking to offer seamless operations.

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Transforming Business to have Effective Nextgen Logistics

The ecommerce delivery tracking management system is a platform that offers seamless ecommerce business management by bridging the gap between logistics and ecommerce brands. It comprises real-time tracking, easy pickup and delivery, and a convenient checkout process.
A number of relevant facets can be considered while adopting ecommerce delivery management system. It benefits in increasing the number of deliveries, increasing the resource utilization, route planning accuracy, increased utilization of resources, decreasing the overall turnaround time and so forth.
Deliforce supports small ecommerce businesses, enterprises and organizations to access a centralized ecommerce management system across various types of ecommerce channels.
With a view to ensuring an efficient delivery process, the ecommerce delivery management system helps to improve route efficiency, high level performance, SLA, decreasing delivery delays, on-time delivery, delivery productivity and so forth.
The ecommerce management software comprises a dashboard for the business managers which enables a 360 degree view of the various business operations. They can manage the analytics and monitor different functionalities of the business.
It serves as a great tracking platform through which all operations of the business can be tracked. From real-time tracking of delivery fleets to monitoring work efficiency, from managing customer orders to assigning task automation to delivery agents, the system has served all significant prospects.