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Every industry needs to evolve with technology and time. The laundry industry is also not an exception to this rule. An industry is driven forward by innovation. The laundry industry is a commercial industry similar to cooking and childcare. There are changes that are driving the laundry delivery business to the next level of innovation. The consumer demand also is needed to consider the next turn of the laundry business. Even though most of the washing still uses lots of water, chemicals and dry cleaning have emerged as efficient cleaning tools. Washing machines are present that use both water and dry cleaning methods. 

Laundry businesses make their revenue by large-scale commercial washing of clothes. Although not well known by the general public, laundry companies do make a lot of money. There are a lot of good statistics present for the laundry businesses. In 2014-15, over 10 billion dollars of revenue was generated by over thirty thousand companies that do laundry. 70 percent of these were retail laundry operations and the rest 30 percent of revenue came from coin-operated laundry businesses.

Another good news is that by upscaling the business to an on-demand business, the revenue of such businesses can increase rapidly. By using efficient laundry delivery software, such on-demand businesses can also increase the productivity and efficiency of their laundry process.

What Caused Changes in the Laundry Industry

There are a lot of things that caused the laundry industry to change.  But in terms of the major changes, the following developments have occurred. Together, they have transformed the laundry process around the world.

On-Demand Laundry Dry Cleaning Model

This is one of the major causes of change in the laundry industry. This is a business model based on less actual ownership. Traditionally, if a laundry business owner wants to service a sector in another part of the city, then the investment has to be made in that sector. The investment consists of renting a complex where inventory can be stored and then servicing the customers. This can be expensive. The on-demand model operates on the basis of customer demand, using an efficient laundry delivery system to serve the customer. 

Customer Behavior

As with any business, what customers want is pivotal to business development. People around the world are attracted to laundry services that provide the full cycle approach. They prefer easy booking, pickup, and delivery of their clothes. By these customer demands, there has been a shift towards increasing customer satisfaction even in the laundry business. 

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The On-Demand Laundry Dry Cleaning Model and Its Operation

The on-demand model for laundry businesses requires minimal effort from the customer. The customer can either order their clothes to be picked up or can go to a laundry booth and go deliver their clothes to be washed. If the laundry business picks up the clothes and also delivers them back, the model is called the on-site laundry service model. The in-site laundry service model in contrast requires customers to go to the laundry booth to deliver their clothes to be washed. 

Following is the basic system of operation of such business models

  • The customer decides the pickup date and address of the laundry. In the on-site model, the laundry service picks up the clothes by using their pick-up services.
  • The delivery agent picks up every customer’s clothes to the laundry service area(in the On-site model) with an efficient laundry delivery system.
  • The clothes are then transferred to the area where they are washed.
  • The customers can see every step of the process. They are provided with an end-user application that helps them track their clothes.
  • Customer payments can be done online or using cash on delivery methods.
  • The laundry business delivers every customer’s clothes to their doorstep by using the delivery software.

Features of a Good Laundry Service Management Software 

The Laundry service becomes a complicated task when doorstep delivery and pickup conditions are included. Delivery software then becomes essential to make the laundry business work properly. They also make such systems more efficient. Following are the features that are essential in an efficient laundry service management software that help laundry delivery businesses.

Automatic Dispatch

An efficient laundry delivery dispatch software is capable of automatically dispatching the delivery agents to the next task. The software automatically keeps track of incoming orders and assigns them to the available fleet. Every delivery agent can also keep track of new laundry orders that arrive. Orders in process and orders that are delivered are also visible to the delivery sector. 

Task Filtering

The laundry orders that come to a laundry business are varied. And the delivery agents can differentiate what tasks are to be done to each order. This helps them save time. The software also automatically assigns the tasks when the customer order is placed. This is because such data is efficiently taken from the customer at the time of the order.

Smart Routing

The customers in the present era want every laundry service to be fast. The laundry service management software makes this possible by incorporating smart routing into it. The fastest route possible is calculated and assigned to each delivery trip, whether it is to receive or deliver clothes to the customer. Such route optimization is done considering the traffic conditions involved.

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Customer Notification 

Customers are sent efficient notifications about their laundry orders. Customers can also track their laundry while it is en-route to them. They can change the order requirements while their clothes are in the store. They can add additional processes to be carried out on their clothes. They can also cancel their laundry service if they so desire.


The on-demand laundry industry is one of the businesses that may change its shape or form, but will always have a customer base to it. This is because it covers one of the most basic aspects of human life. Efficient laundry delivery software can increase both customer satisfaction and revenue of the laundry businesses. Deliforce is the ultimate delivery management solution to businesses of all kinds. It can easily be a thoughtful solution for on-demand laundry delivery services as it can manage complicated delivery requirements easily. 


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