Best delivery management software plugin for Wordpress Woocommerce online stores


The delivery shipping plugin for Woocommerce offers better driver management and shipping services for your business. You will be able to get more benefits for your business by using this Deliforce delivery shipping plugin, as this plugin provides your drivers the ability to connect easily with both the customers who place an order and the admin panel. As a result, both time and money can be saved. The delivery management software for WooCommerce supports your business by reducing too many communications, manual tasks, and any other paperwork that consumes a lot of your time.   

Custom shipping methods for Woocommerce

 Custom shipping methods for Woocommerce allows you to add custom shipping methods to Woocommerce. 

  • Price and quantity of the product: Woocommerce lets you add single-item and multiple pricing options, along with discount prices and sales. You can also add the number of items in the cart. It also allows you to track the cost of products for reporting.
  • Item size and weight: Woocommerce platforms make use of the size of items and weight of items to decide the real-time shipping costs and also to print labels. This saves a lot of time and automates your shipping process.
  • Inventory: You can also add a stock amount for each item and your Woocommerce platform tracks the inventory as the items sell down.

Deliforce shipping plugin

Deliforce is the best delivery tracking and management system which offers ultimate solutions to streamline all your business operations. Below given are the key features of Deliforce shipping plugin for Woocommerce platform.


  • Customers need to enable deliforce shipping from Admin panel->Woocommerce->Settings->Shipping->Deliforce Shipping. 
  • Customers will also be able to give a price for the deliforce shipping method.
  • Customers have the option to select either delivery tasks or pickup and delivery tasks.
  • If the customer chooses a pickup and delivery option, then the customer should give a pickup and delivery address.
  • Customers need to create a webhook for deliforce from woocommerce deliforce shipping. This webhook will update the order status to the customers automatically when particular actions are done in deliforce.
  • Customers will be able to customize the order status label from order status customization.     

Deliforce plugin installation

Delivery management software for Woocommerce is a delivery area WordPress plugin where you can install Woocommerce on your website. If you already have Woocommerce installed, you can easily run an online store. You can click on the plugins and select the Add New option which exists on the left-hand side of the Admin panel. Search for “Delivery shipping for Woocommerce” in the available search box, then you will find the Delivery shipping by Deliforce, click the “Install Now” button and the plugin will be activated.

Setting up delivery agents

Click on Woocommerce and select the Settings option. This plugin allows you to add new delivery agents with the designated role to the WordPress site. Once you add the driver to your user list, then you can edit orders and easily assign an order to the specific driver.

Here we connect the Deliforce system to send orders from Woocommerce. This plugin provides a delivery task method and also a pickup and delivery task method. Woocommerce order status will be updated using deliforce webhook.

Here, you can also edit the dispatch phone number, Driver ratings, Google Maps API, and phone number of the delivery agent, display settings. After all the changes are done, click on the “Save Changes” button. 

Deliforce shipping method for Woocommerce

Once the task shipment is created, it will be acknowledged and accepted. Then the pickup tasks like pickup shipment started, arrived, and completed can be updated in the Deliforce shipping status label. Delivery tasks like shipment, a task assigned, acknowledged, accepted, started, and arrived can be updated in the Deliforce shipping status label.

Here you can enable the shipping, enter the title to be displayed on the site for shipping method, API key from Deliforce. Deliforce> Admin> Settings> Developer. You can also enter the shipping price and shipment creation method and name of the customer, email id, address, phone number, pickup slot, delivery time, and then you can create a webhook.

Products can be added to the cart by giving the name of the product, price, quantity, subtotal, apply any coupon code offered on that product, update the cart and proceed to checkout. Then select the Deliforce shipping method and the product will be delivered to the given address.

The checkout process will be done by entering the billing details like receiver name, company name, country, street address, city, state, country, postcode, phone, and email address of the receiver. Order will be placed by applying any code, entering the product name quantity of the product, price, and total amount.


Deliforce delivery shipping plugin is mainly useful for e-commerce, food delivery, grocery delivery, flower delivery, medicine delivery, spa HomeServices, salon, or any other local delivery services. This delivery shipping plugin is highly beneficial for every entrepreneur as they can efficiently run their business and simplify all the delivery operations by using this service. 


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