10 Industries must Need Same Day Delivery Services


Mobile apps have offered convenience and ease of use to human life and people using various services in their daily lives, need same-day delivery. Deliforce, the last mile delivery tracking software offers real-time delivery tracking and agent management, ensuring seamless deliveries. Here is a list of 10 industries which can successfully deliver their products and services on the same day, backed by Deliforce.

Day Delivery Services

1) E-commerce industry

The e-commerce industry has grown enormously in the past few years and have replaced the conventional stores. Along with app-based shopping, another reason for the growth of this industry is the same day delivery policies. Customers are often attracted to e-commerce and engage in buying due to assured same-day delivery services. Deliforce ensures that companies can meet this expectation of the customers successfully. 

2) On-demand industry

The on-demand industry includes a wide variety of services such as on-demand food delivery, grocery delivery, restaurant food delivery and so on. These items are perishable and need to be delivered without delay. Deliforce, the ultimate Delivery management software, helps the on-demand industry massively and ensures same-day delivery with real-time tracking of the delivery agents and drivers. Moreover, real-time tracking feature helps customers track down their food, as it en route. The clarity in communication and extensive record-keeping ensures successful same-day delivery. 

Day Delivery Services

3) Floral industry

Flowers are a perfect gift for all occasions. Online Flower delivery industry is growing gradually with the increase in the geographical distance between people. The changing lifestyle of the people makes people travel all around the world, with their near and dear ones in other parts of the world.  

4) Manufacturing industry

The manufacturing industry is one of the largest employment sectors and forms the backbone of the economy in various countries. Manufacturing industries often need same-day delivery of products and services, depending on the kind of products being manufactured. Deliforce, the best Field workforce Tracking Software helps the business owners and admins to keep track and monitor all the delivery vehicles and field workforce from a remote location and communicate with the agents by Field service management software


5) Healthcare industry

The healthcare industry is literally the lifesaver and lifeline of human beings. Quick response from this industry is always expected. Deliforce helps the healthcare industry with efficient appointment booking and field workforce management, such that the caregivers at the patients home can be traced efficiently. Moreover, the efficient appointment management system ensures same day services to the patients in case of an emergency.

6) Pharmaceutical industry

The pharmacy industry is also one of the essential industries. Medicines ordered online by the patients are always an emergency and needs to be delivered at the earliest. The operations of the pharmacy industry is leveraged with the use of Deliforce. The efficient real-time tracking and route optimization ensure that medicines are delivered on the same day to the patients.   


7) Logistics industry

The logistics industry plays a key role in ensuring connectivity among the customers and various industries. Logistics industries help parcel, e-commerce, on-demand, and manufacturing industries to ensure same-day delivery. The owner of the logistics industry needs to track all the cars and delivery vehicles, such that the parcel, goods or consignments reach the customers sooner. Deliforce, the hassle-free Logistics Tracking Software, offers the logistics industry with route optimization and real-time tracking of the vehicles, monitoring their movements and keeping a track until successful delivery. 

8) Transportation Industry

The transportation industry has a key role to play. With hundreds of cabs and buses under one owner, makes it impossible to track all of them. Field force management software like Deliforce makes cabs and logistic tracking smooth and very convenient. Car and bus fleet owners can easily track all the vehicles from a remote location and ensure safe and same-day delivery.


9) Banking and Finance Industry

The banking and financial industries often need to provide same day banking and related services to the customers, visiting their homes and offices. Deliforce helps with field workforce tracking of the agents ensuring same day service with optimized routes suggested and constant communication with the customers.

10) Education Industry

The education industry includes the school buses and transportation provided to the students. Keeping a track of the children and ensuring their safety is essential. Deliforce helps in live tracking of the school and college buses and keeps the parents informed about the location of their children. This ensures safety and easy management of the buses and transports in the education industry. 

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Deliforce helps all the above mentioned and many other industries with real-time tracking, route optimization as well as same-day delivery of the services and products. Lets contact with Deliforce to get the ultimate solution for your industries.

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