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The retail industry gets its best manager for better management of its workforce along with easy tracking of the agents and logistics keeping record of all the business in simple and scientific manner with the Retailer tracking management system. The visual GPS guided real time tracking is efficient and helps the retail industry and the customers to track the movement of the agents, resulting in seamless pickup and delivery. It offers the best retail distributor management system for FMCG CPG, with seamless tracking of logistics.

Retail management system

Key facts


Increased no of deliveries


Increased route planning accuracy


Increased location visits


Increased vehicle utilization


Increased delivery boy efficiency


Decreased failed visits

Benefits that drives you into the ocean of Deliforce

The retail industry business gets a much needed boost with the solution offered by us.
customer Customers

Customers of the retail industry gets notified of their pickup and deliveries in advance, along with real time GPS tracking, facilitating in better customer engagement and retention.

agent Agents

The agents get their tasks automatically assigned, along with complete statistics of their daily work, helping them keep a perfect track of their busy schedule.

dashboard Dashboard

The retail industry dashboard is equipped with various useful features such that the admin is able to tracks all the agents, the deliveries as well as the pickups and help in seamless operations.

How it works

The best tracking and management solution for last mile delivery tracking to offer seamless operations.

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Transforming Business to have Effective Nextgen Logistics

A workforce management system streamlines better management of the workforce in the retail industry. It enables the convenient tracking of agents and logistics by maintaining all records relating to it. The GPS tracking system helps customers to get updates on the routes and movements of their orders.
For the efficient working of the retail industry, the development of the retail solution has been implemented. This is followed by the addition of features such as workforce management, automation of order management, real-time delivery tracking, delivery dispatch, and inventory management system.
By means of adopting a retail management solution, it assists in driving more sales by performing promotional campaigns and marketing. With multiple payment processes, the checkout process also becomes easier for customers. This is done by adding POS systems for generating easy payment processes.
Owing to the current competitive market situation, global retail leaders are adopting advanced technology suites for retail management. The retail system integrates route optimization, customer management, real time chatting and business analytics management into the system.
With the incorporation of the customer management feature, the retail business managers are able to manage all different types of customer details in a single place with a compatible CRM solution. It also aids in creating long term relations between the client and customer.
Analytics management of the system serves as a great platform for the clients to review, monitor and check the order history, refund lists and cancellations, most ordered retail products, customer information, and many others.