Popular Trends To Follow In Last-Mile Delivery That Will Dominate in 2022


Considering the rise of eCommerce during the past few years since the pandemic hit every nation in the world, retail brands and other product related businesses are paying special attention to the last mile delivery logistics. With the increasing demand for online products and services, one must take advantage of the recent last mile delivery trends to stay ahead of the competition. At the time when customers are willing to pay additional money for fast delivery, they are not willing to forgive when it comes to poor delivery experience. In this article, we have delineated the different trends in last mile delivery that are going to dominate in 2022.  

According to the latest statistics it has been noted that:


  • More than 80% of the shoppers want a tracking facility for their orders.
  • Nearly 85% of the customers desire retailers for providing them with the ability for choosing the best delivery option.
  • The last mile delivery is estimated to reach $92 billion by the end of 2030 and it is good for the brands to have an idea of the last mile delivery trends of 2022. 

Over the last few years, last mile delivery solutions have seen many changes. Adaptation is considered as key to survival in the retail industry. Provided this kind of situation a brand business cannot win the customers’ loyalty without giving priorities to the best interests in mind.

Adoption of Quick Commerce Model Will Gain Velocity

The quick commerce has significantly disrupted the on-demand delivery space, especially for the pharmaceutical, grocery and ecommerce industries. With the technological advancements, brands and businesses are replacing their conventional form of operations with digital transformation with technology-based platforms to embellish delivery services. The consumers desire the orders to be delivered within some time. 

More than 70% of the shoppers believe that delivery flexibility is a relevant factor. Instant deliveries and same-day deliveries are expected to reach a significant position in the last mile delivery market. The implementation of the quick commerce model has helped businesses to benefit from the different modes of deliveries- instant on-demand delivery  and quick deliveries. Businesses mainly focus on creating micro warehouses as well as executing brilliant tools for accomplishing faster deliveries, SLAs, and quick order fulfillment. 

Last Mile Logistics System

The tech-based last-mile logistics software  is one of the best platforms that offer seamless logistics operations with optimized routes for drivers, route planning, real-time tracking, delivery management and many more. The logistics system is developed by seasoned developers who have many years of experience in creating different business solutions. The system has integrated many assorted features that will assist the business and brand to deliver products on time as expected by the consumers.  

Concentrate on Environment-friendly Deliveries 

Just as it is important to give priorities to on-time last mile deliveries, it is also relevant to focus on the eco-friendliness of the deliveries. In recent times, deliveries and green logistics have become a concern of the logistics service providers. The main objective is to accomplish zero greenhouse gas emissions.

This is becoming a trend as most businesses are trying to provide environment-friendly delivery processes by the effective use of reusable packaging material and also diminishing the carbon dioxide emissions that are generally caused by delivery trucks. Many big logistics brands like DHL and Safexpress are thinking of giving the opportunity to electric vehicles for benefitting deliveries.

The Significance of 3PL Will Surge 

In order to manage the altering customer demands and reduce the delivery fulfillment scenarios, it is relevant for the logistics brands to partner with reliable 3PL partners. The 3PL solves many issues relating to in-house fleet management, on-time delivery, monitoring the performance of riders, and streamlining logistics activities in an effective way. It will help in upsurging the number of businesses collaborating with third-party logistics providers.

Delivery With Drones & Autonomous Vehicles

With time the number of deliveries is increasing globally. As the global delivery volumes are increasing it is relevant to eradicate the usage of the traditional approach to business operations. Ecommerce retailing businesses are booming the global business industry and this has led the industry retailers to conduct experimentation with the last mile delivery model. Ecommerce businesses, as well as retailers, are experimenting with delivery strategies which have resulted in investing in systems like drones, delivery bots, and autonomous vehicles. 

Investing in robotic systems of deliveries can sound like major investment but one-time investment will earn you for a long time. One of the major instances of such is Amazons’ investment in the self-driving car company Aurora. Smart technologies and robust tech-based platforms like delivery management software  are capable of managing last mile deliveries with beneficial features. The software has inbuilt features for last mile success. It comes with route optimization, route planning, real time tracking for efficient delivery solutions, automation of task allocation, on-time full deliveries and building lucid communication with customers. 

Enhanced Customer Experience

One of the foremost important factors of a successful last mile delivery solution is the effective customer experience. Businesses are trying hard to make it to the customer's expectations by offering them an enhanced customer experience. Ecommerce businesses and retailers consider it as their primary priority for holding the customers. 

As per the latest report, more than 85% of customers are more likely not to make a second purchase after a poor delivery experience. In order to keep up to the customer expectations, make the most use of route optimization,  delivery management and real time route tracking. The advent of smart technology tools will ensure a steadfast approach to last mile delivery. 

Final Thought

Are you looking for a delivery route planner for your logistics? Deliforce is the leading delivery management system that offers expedient logistics delivery solutions to businesses for on-time full deliveries of products. The aforementioned trends are becoming popular in the last mile delivery industry sector recently. The last mile delivery solution automates delivery inventory and business operations including task scheduling, sending drivers tasks along with optimized routes, notifications, and many more. It is developed by experienced developers who have several years of proficiency in offering business solutions to enterprises, startups and medium scale businesses.

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