Keep your customers updated throughout the order delivery lifecycle

On-demand delivery and pickup industry has a huge workforce, who work collaboratively in a collective manner to serve the customers on time, in a cost effective manner. In order to boost this entire process, Deliforce, the On Demand Delivery Management System, ensures effective management, automated work dispatch and seamless tracking of all the agents in real time. Thus, reduce the delivery or pickup time with efficient route optimization using the Best software for on demand delivery management.

On-demand delivery tracking management app

Key facts


Increased no of deliveries


Increased route planning accuracy


Increased delivery agent’s efficiency


Increased tracking accuracy in real time


Decreased overall delay


Decreased wrong deliveries

Benefits that drives you into the ocean of Deliforce

On-demand business is in-debt with the utilities that are offered by Deliforce, making it equipped with better management.
customer Customers

Customers of on-demand app need their pickup and delivery to be scheduled in few hours or even less than that. Hence instant notifications, real time tracking and quick updates are absolutely necessary for the customers, offered by Deliforce, the real time delivery traceability app.

agent Delivery boys

Deliforce offers a huge advantage to the agents, with instant notification on addition of task, sending contact details of the customers, along with their exact locations.

dashboard Dashboard

The dashboard ensures easy allocation of task, automatic dispatch of jobs, easy tracking and workforce management with analytics and report generation made easy of the admin and the on-demand business.

How it works

The best tracking and management solution for last mile delivery tracking to offer seamless operations.

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Transforming Business to have Effective Nextgen Logistics

During the recent market scenario, when every delivery business is trying to stay ahead of the curve, the delivery tracking app software assists in managing the on-demand delivery services such as orders, food, groceries, courier deliveries and so on.
The pickup and delivery software has streamlined all business processes in a seamless way so that enterprises can grow profits with optimized work efficiency. This supports them in delivering unique customer experiences. Thus, global leaders are opting for the on-demand pickup and delivery system.
Selecting a proper pickup and delivery is a monotonous task but there are a number of options that are considered while choosing it. The integration of tools that enhance visibility, machine learning, that have the potential to boost productivity, and benchmark KPIs, increasing collaboration, and many others are determined while choosing the right system.
Customers obtain several benefits with the delivery and pickup software such as they get real time tracking updates on the orders placed, expected time of delivery, details on the order history, and many more.
The system provides a seamless platform for businesses and enterprises to ensure effective management of the work process, automation of dispatch, as well as seamless tracking of systems. It not only diminishes the delivery and pickup timings but it also promotes convenient route optimization.
Today there are plenty of delivery tracking and management systems accessible on the lookout. Every system is unique and different from the other. A range of delivery management systems includes fleet management, delivery & pickup system, parcel delivery, ecommerce pickup & delivery, and many more.