How does last mile delivery optimization helps to your customer satisfaction?



Customer satisfaction is one of the main focus for businesses across a wide range of industries, and in order to achieve so, various methods are put in test and trial. One of the best ways in which customer satisfaction could be achieved is by fulfilling the needs of the customers, with tailored and customized solutions.

Last mile delivery problem

One of the best methods to boost customer loyalty and ensure customer satisfaction is to offer them a unique and delightful delivery experience. Companies often compete with each other to make the best products, offer huge discounts, make payment seamless and easy, yet these efforts are not good enough. A hassle-free and smooth delivery experience is the cherry on the cake, which helps in achieving customer satisfaction till the last mile delivery. Most of the time customers complain that they had to wait for the delivery of their goods the whole day, yet the delivery boy not turning up. However, the delivery executive’s version is completely opposite, where he complains, customer not reachable at the given address, thus creating a huge discrepancy and confusion. Since most companies ignore the significance of seamless delivery, hence businesses that gives adequate importance to it can easily achieve customer satisfaction.

Last mile delivery solution

Deliforce addresses a long-prevailing issue and offers the best delivery tracking and field force management software that successfully bridges the gap between the customers, admin and the delivery boys along with real-time GPS tracking of the delivery agents, sending notifications to the customers and sharing the status of the task. This creates a complete lifecycle of product and service delivery, ensuring mitigation of miscommunication.

Deliforce offers accurate route optimization techniques, in order to recommend the best route taken by the delivery agents, such that all deliveries could be completed on time, with the minimum usage of resources and maximum result. This solution helps a wide range of industries such as restaurants, food ordering, and delivery marketplace, grocery delivery, laundry pickup and delivery, logistics, courier and parcel delivery, and e-commerce, to offer an engaging delivery experience to the customers.

Deliforce assists the admin to track the parcel or consignment as soon as the task is assigned to the driver. The route which the driver follows, along with his transit and idle time and distance can be tracked, until delivery. The customer gets notified, as soon as the driver starts the task. In every status change of the task, the customers are notified, thus offering clarity to the customers regarding the movement of the parcel. Once the parcel is out for delivery, the customers are notified using email or SMS, along with the real-time tracking link, such that they can monitor the movement and keep a track of their parcel, until delivery.

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Deliforce indeed has changed the dimension of delivery tracking and ensures to offer the best last-mile delivery tracking, with helping industries like retail, e-commerce, transportation, on-demand delivery, restaurants, courier delivery can achieve customer satisfaction.


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