Five Things That Will Change the Future of Your Delivery Business


There has been a rise in delivery business sectors due to the integration with delivery tracking software considering its incredible features. The core idea is to ensure seamless delivery service to multiple destinations in the shortest possible route without the loss of lime, money, and fuel. The market propensity to such software has greatly increased the sales that every beginner entrepreneur should learn about some of the unique feature delivery software offers.

Route-optimization and Real-time tracking

Deliforce’s last-mile delivery tracking is a SaaS-based delivery software that offers real-time tracking of delivery agents and a flexible workforce management system. It streamlines your logistics data efficiently that it helps in future analysis. The smart route optimization assists in providing optimized directions, the shortest route covering maximum destination without time loss. The dashboard features help the delivery agents as well as the customers in receiving notification and updates regarding the delivery, dispatch, and shipping details. The dashboard of the software has enticing features that agents can track themselves to know the details of their daily tasks. The admin panel can assign different tasks to the delivery agents. They can add, delete, edit, or set deadlines for the tasks. The task filtering option of the software allows the manager to filter the tasks based on date, status, time, and delay. The automatic dispatching of tasks to the delivery agents can be done to the driver with no task assigned. The dashboard also gives alerts for fuel and carbon emission of agent’s vehicles. Agents receive immediate notifications and they can plan deliveries accordingly. A proof of delivery option helps the agents to get the signature of the customers once the delivery is completed. 

Customer satisfaction and Preferences

The success of a delivery tracking software depends on customer satisfaction and the flexible features it offers considering their preferences. Deliforce has carefully incorporated enticing features that make the delivery process easy for the customers. The smart notification feature helps the customer to select any location, choose the vehicle based on its capacity and driver based on rating and availability. They can quickly transfer the jobs to other drivers in case of any last-minute change and can directly contact them so that they can make adjustments as per your preferences. Deliforce believes in an agile environment where a constant connection is maintained with the customers. The automatic customer alerts will be sent as mobile messages or emails regarding the delivery orders as soon as the customer receives their delivery and when new offers, features, etc. are updated. It also consists of tracking links that help the customers to monitor the location of their orders through GPS tracking.

Branding and Marketing strategies

Any business should maintain healthy and effective communication with the customers which aids you to brand your product/services and to make it reliable among business verticals. Innovative marketing strategies along with precise plans are mandatory to enhance the visibility of your websites and apps. Improve the quality of websites with engaging content and informative blogs that naturally captivate customers ‘attention. Publicize your brand via social media platforms, and similar platforms to let the market know about your uniqueness. The technical chat support can resolve all troubles of the customer, and give answers to all queries at any time of the day. Make sure to share the customer feedback section to know the honest reviews about your services and products. It helps you to understand the direct market issues and ratings of your product that help you to rectify it based on the demands.

Analytics tools and Integrations

Last-mile carrier tracking software shows the statistics of your business graphically giving a complete overview of the ups and downs of the business along with details regarding completed, delayed, and ongoing tasks. The software can track the miles travelled by the drivers as well as the type of task, delivery or pickup, and the total distance covered by the agents. It helps in tracking the key performance indicators that can provide the total number of deliveries made, details of the delayed and cancelled orders; the popular delivery zones, and the peak hours. The software analyzes daily or monthly statistics of all tasks and integrates with multiple cloud apps such as Google Maps, Google Docs, Google Drive, Slack, etc. to make the delivery process hassle-free. Shipping and delivery APIs are the prime selling point that removes the errors and complications associated with manual sorting

Ensure seamless services

The right plan and agile methodologies can boot your business more than you think. Planning ahead with innovative technologies and perfect tools ensures a unique place on the online delivery business platform. Proper coordination offered by the software eliminates the last-minute dilemmas and errors. Keep a good relationship with the customers as well as the employees considering the needs and solving their issues. Prepare for the unexpected, update all information regarding the market possibilities and trends.


The pattern of delivery business is taking new forms, especially in 2020 and the market has already come up with innovative solutions and brand-new features. Thus efficient last-mile carrier delivery tracking software can tackle all your business problems with unique features, precise strategies, and well-organized methodologies. Deliforce, the last mile delivery management software manages all tasks using a flexible workforce management platform for the overall performance of the business.

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