How to Manage an Ice Cream Delivery Business Using Deliforce DMS


The ice cream business no matter how small it may seem is a force to be reckoned with when consumption and revenue is concerned. This is also because ice cream can be produced easily as there are efficient cooling mechanisms available almost all over the world. When the right ingredients are added and the right procedures are followed, the ice cream becomes an almost irresistible dish. This is why there is a never-ending demand for ice cream in the consumer market.

The statistics show that the global share of the ice cream business was about 57 billion dollars in 2017, and this is in the United States alone. This figure is expected to grow as far as 75 billion dollars in around 2024. The increase in revenue is mainly due to the fact that food delivery technology is constantly improving. Technologies like Ice cream shop software are on the rise which helps the business greatly.

At the present, there are lots of problems associated with ice cream delivery businesses. They include the perishing nature of the product, the technology required for cooling en-route, and costs associated with such tasks. The ice creams also come in great variety, But the delivery management software around the world has also been improving, adding new features that help solve these problems. 

Challenges Faced by The Ice Cream Delivery Management System

Perishability of Ice creams

Ice creams, although in high demand, have a major disadvantage compared to other types of food products. They are food products that will perish when exposed to higher temperatures. Some desserts and ice creams require the temperature to be around -12.22° celsius in storage and en route for them to preserve their taste. Lack of adequate handling of ice creams can result in huge losses for the ice cream delivery business.

Product cataloging and filter

Ice creams are the type of products that come in a huge variety. The customers must be given the right menu with updated names of each product. When the ice cream delivery business is concerned, this huge product cataloging becomes a problem. The customer should be able to easily search for their product of choice. The ice cream delivery management system must also be able to filter the products as the customer orders them.

High competition in the market

Ice creams are easy to produce with the help of the right equipment and little effort, they can be mass-produced in large quantities. This leads to lots of competition in the ice cream business. To compete and win over the market share, business owners should constantly invest in market research and optimize their business. Such business optimization includes incorporating methods for faster delivery and providing better services. 

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How Deliforce DMS helps manage the ice cream delivery business 

Deliforce DMS(delivery management software) is a highly robust piece of software that comes with many features. It includes the necessary Features to grow any ice cream delivery business. Ice creams must be delivered as soon as possible to preserve their taste. The delivery staff must be able to pick the right dessert of customer choice between the many others in the store. All this is addressed by the delivery management software. Following is the list of features that help Deliforce DMS to be one of the market’s best ice cream delivery software available.

Automatic Dispatch

This delivery management system comes with an automatic delivery dispatch software mechanism. That means that no delivery order is ever waiting in line to be delivered to the customer. As soon as the customer places the order, the order is sent to the available delivery agent. The order contains every relevant detail so that the delivery agent packs the right products. The delivery management system gets all the details from the customer like the time and place of delivery and the type of ice cream. 

Route optimization

Once the delivery is dispatched to the agent, the delivery is made faster by the use of route optimization. This software measures the distance of all the routes and takes the traffic into consideration. Such optimized routes are presented to the delivery agent by default. Any new route selected by the delivery agent is also optimized in real-time. This helps the delivery agent to deliver the product in the lowest time frame possible. This in turn increases the customer satisfaction rate.

Real-time tracking

The location of the delivery agent is tracked in real-time. The customer is sent the exact location of their order en route. They are sent the time when the order gets delivered to their location. The customer can also notify the delivery agent via the delivery tracking system if any changes in the location are to be addressed. The delivery agent can also ask for any clarifications with the delivery directly from the customer, preventing any confusion that might occur.

Diagnostic Reports

The delivery management service keeps track of any problems that have occurred in previous deliveries. This is possible because the software records every move of the delivery agents. The software also keeps track of all the orders from the customers. Such orders can be revisited if any such need arises. Diagnostic reports track the growth of the business and help improve the business significantly.

Paperless Feedback

The delivery software comes with bi-directional electronic feedback systems which helps in growing the ice cream delivery business. The feedback is given by both the customer and the delivery agent. Good delivery agents are identified by such an ice cream delivery app and can be given the incentive to perform more. The customer's thoughts of how to improve the delivery business are also taken note of via this method. 

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The ice cream business can really take good advantage of delivery management systems. This is because ice cream delivery has challenges associated with it, which can only be solved by a good delivery management mechanism. Deiforce is the ultimate fleet management system that tracks the fleet in real-time. It provides state-of-the-art fleet management and increases the efficiency of the fleet. It provides accurate location information and route planner to all its vehicles. It also gives detailed analytics of the entire logistics department.


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