8 Ways Delivery Scheduling Software Benefits Small Business



The importance of delivery routing software is higher as it automates the whole delivery operations of your small business and eliminates the chances of possible hassles. Automating your business using delivery scheduling software not only coordinates the different tasks of various departments of the company but also enhances customer satisfaction by delivering products and services on-time without any errors.

The delivery routing software tracks the delivery agents in real-time and streamlines the data. The task assigning is not at all a complex process with delivery scheduling software. You can ensure that you have chosen employees with the right skills for a particular job. The delivery scheduling software ensures that schedules are feasible and enhances the efficiency of the delivery agents by tracking their routes, distance covered, etc.

The status of the order, dispatch, and shipping details can be well tracked using the delivery order management software It manages the scheduling processes of both employees and partners even if it’s automatic, interactive, or manual.


Key importance of delivery routing software


  • Optimize the route and offers real-time tracking avoiding late deliveries
  • Bridge the communication gap between the delivery agents and customers
  • Delivery dispatch software offers easy updating of details regarding the status of the order, dispatch, and shipping
  • Shows the shortest route covering the maximum destinations that save fuel, time, and energy
  • Eliminates the paperwork and reduces the tedious manual activities
  • Easy assessment of pending and accomplished tasks
  • Different tasks can be easily assigned to the delivery agents
  • Increased productivity, efficiency, and ROI


Benefits of delivery routing software

The benefits of having delivery routing software for your on-demand delivery business are:

Streamlined delivery process & automated workflow

Automating the delivery business with delivery scheduling software streamlines every data and improves the workflow removing the tedious manual tasks. All the paper-based works can be automated and the resources can be properly allocated. For example, the electronic proof of delivery offers a paperless delivery experience.

Customers can express their honest reviews and ratings about the company using the delivery routing software. The controlling and managing of each process of the delivery management chain is much easier with delivery scheduling software and all updates can be sent to the customers within a few clicks. 

Easy real-time tracking of delivery agents

Monitoring and tracking of the delivery agents and the fleet are difficult unless using an efficient delivery routing software. It eases the tasks of the manager where the admin can see the complete details on the extensive dashboard regarding the completed orders, pending deliveries, and the time taken by each agent to complete the tasks. Admin can assign and filter various tasks to optimize whole delivery operations.

The real-time tracking with the help of a delivery order management software  enhances the efficiency of the small logistic business as it gives real-time information about the route of the fleet, exact location, and estimated time of delivery.


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Delivery route optimization

The delivery routing software is integrated with a GPS system that helps  delivery agents to take optimized routes for the delivery. The best possible shortest route covering multiple destinations saves a good chunk of time, money, and energy.

In the case of any real-time difficulties, delivery scheduling software helps the admin to suggest alternative routes and helps them in finding the exact location of the customer. The drivers can also communicate with the manager using the delivery routing software. The delivery dispatch software shows the exact time of delivery and other details of order status, dispatch, and shipping updates which can be sent to the customers.

Reduce dependency on delivery aggregators

Automating the small scale business with delivery scheduling software is beneficial for the customers because all updates regarding delivery will be received through their delivery routing software app. Even if they need any support, they can seek help through the delivery order management software. Moreover, automation removes the additional cost needed to pay for delivery aggregators who were necessary to ensure on-time deliveries and customer satisfaction.

Now it is more customer-oriented keeping their satisfaction as the core priority. The delivery order management software manages and controls every transaction and the whole delivery process removing the dependency nature on delivery aggregators.

Interactive analytics & Improvement

The growth of your small business is important and necessary improvements must be done to enhance efficiency and productivity. For that, you need to know how to track the progress of the business. The delivery routing software has analytics tools that provide a graphical overview of the tasks over a certain period and understand the growth statistics of the business.

Geofencing and behavioral monitoring are also available in the delivery dispatch software as they are the tracking tools and assists in making good decisions. Geofencing helps in creating virtual of the operational areas of the drivers. Hence, delivery scheduling software is a better aid to rectify the existing issues. Customers can provide their reviews and ratings that help in further improvements.

Efficient Integration

The delivery order management software offers easy and efficient integration with other applications as it enhances the performance efficiency of the on-demand small businesses. For instance, Deliforce is an on-demand last-mile delivery software offering real-time tracing and field workforce management. It offers easy integration with many apps such as Google Docs, Google Maps, Google Calendar, Zapier, SAP CRM, etc.

The delivery scheduling software helps to set order priorities and the best possible route plans can be recommended by easy integration with API. It helps to minimize time, errors, and reduce the paperwork. The delivery dispatch software always leverages the service partners of your business to reduce costs and increase service delivery.

Track fleet maintenance services

Delivery scheduling software helps you to track all issues and easily organize the whole fleet of vehicles. Thus maintenance, repairs, and other challenging issues related to delivery vehicles can be solved on-time. The extensive and easy-to-use dashboard of the delivery routing software helps your fleet maintenance crew in tracking fleet maintenance services and related repairs expenses. It minimizes the errors and maximizes the efficiency of your fleet.


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Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction should be the main focus of delivery routing software. Not meeting the changing expectations of the customers adversely affects your business and loses a potential customer base. Care must be taken to send updates regarding the delivery status and focus on timely and organized deliveries.

The delivery scheduling software helps businesses to send alerts and notifications and customers can contact delivery agents if necessary. You can provide discounts, offers, and implement a customer loyalty program to increase customer retention and loyalty.


An advanced delivery scheduling software is a good solution to rectify the existing issues in the delivery management chain of small businesses. Automating with delivery routing software manages the whole scheduling processes, handles all tasks and schedules of employees improving the delivery operational efficiency, and provides great customer satisfaction. Deliforce is SaaS-based last-mile delivery order management software offering real-time tracking, field force management, and logistics for all industries at affordable rates. Contact us online to know more about the features.



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