Why does a Logistic Business need Last Mile Carrier Tracking?


In modern business, customers buy every product through the online market because it offers wide resource availability to know the relevant details related to the products/services. In logistic business, it should have the capability to include the customers’ requirements and preferences to captivate the audience in the global competitive platforms. The need for last-mile carrier tracking software comes into play when we analyze the current efficiency of delivery business processes and the number of limitations reducing the user experience. Last-mile carrier tracking software checks the real-time tracking of the delivery agents and manages the routes through flexible workforce management systems.

In customer value points, the delivery speed of the logistics company outranks the free shipping where 54% of the customers are willing to pay for the same-day of shipping. Here we analyze the role of last-mile carrier tracking in the supply management chain of the logistics business.

Last-mile carrier tracking: An ultimate Savoir

As the name suggests, last-mile carrier tracking shortens the last mile, eases down the entire process of tracking the deliverables, and manages the routes to reach the end destination quickly and cost-effectively. Many companies are using software like FedEx, UPS, and USPS to track down their products so they can save time, money, and fuel. The necessity of tracking software becomes inevitable when you have multiple deliveries to reach the desired destination on time where last-mile carrier tracking software becomes the ultimate saviour.

What does the last mile carrier tracking software offer?

Last-mile carrier tracking software reduces the delivery consumption time and manages the route. It includes:

  • Provide the real-time tracking of products and its dispatch and shipping details. 
  • Provides the details of the predictive analysis of the time expected to receive orders
  • Provide the complete ETA of the driver and share it with the customers
  • Provides the details regarding the smartest and shortest route available for a particular destination
  • Give provision to rate the experience of the driver

You will get more insight into the efficiency and functionality of the tracking software that can change the outlook of your business ideas, opening wide acceptance all across the logistic business niches.

Route automation

Route automation is possible in any logistics business with the help of the tracking software as per their particular requirements. It helps to optimize the routes to manage a fleet, to add multiple stops, to get the directions, etc. If you have to deliver at multiple destinations across different routes, it shows you the best possible shortest route covering the maximum destinations. This task saves most of the time, money, and fuel.

Geofencing to set up the virtual boundaries

Geofencing technology helps to set up virtual boundaries for your operational areas of interest for a particular delivery agent. This feature allows companies to leverage the merits in their verticals. It can be incorporated in different departments such as marketing, shipping, manufacturing, and responsive services. It allows you to allocate various tasks to the agents as per their marked area.

E-proof of delivery software

E-proof of the paperless delivery system is a great tool for any mobile fleet to control the deliveries and it erases the confusion that may arise during deliveries. It stores all the delivery data and provides the crosscheck option when it is required. It removes the paperwork, enhances the on-site services to boost up customer satisfaction. 

Time tracking feature

An efficient and robust last-mile carrier tracking software removes all the ado in the delivery process and smoothens the supply management system. It eliminates all the complexities out of the system and gives real-time tracking with calculative ETA.

Is last-mile carrier tracking software compatible with your requirements?

The compatibility of the last mile carrier tracking software depends on user satisfaction it offers by including all their requirements that demand the growth and visibility of the company. Deliforce’s best last-mile carrier tracking software ensures real-time tracking and field force management. The following key features make your tracking software efficient across many business niches.

Analytical data Storage

The software can store digital data to keep the record of delivery details for the future. It acts as a complete digital wallet.

Technical chat support

We understand your priorities, resolve all your troubles, and give answers to all queries at any time of the day and keep a good relationship with the customers.

Multiple compatible API integrations

Multiple compatible API integrations ease the business and give more benefits to the customers. It integrates multiple cloud devices, applications, and data to offer a hassle-free experience. Shipping and delivery APIs is the major selling point that reduces the errors and all complications connected with manual sorting.

Automate barcode generator

An automatic waybill will be generated for each delivery. The real-time information will be stored when scanned with the barcode and the invoice customization is also supported.

Real-time notifications 

The last mile carrier tracking software gives notification regarding each updating of your delivery details and sends frequent notifications. In case of multiple orders, this feature helps you to track all the deliverables. 


Last-mile carrier tracking software optimizes the customers’ experience with efficient tracking features that offer seamless delivery service possibilities. Deliforce offers last mile carrier tracking software that tracks all delivery agents in real-time and streamlines the complete data making your dream logistic business efficient and trouble-free. The team manages the task using a flexible workforce management platform.


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