How Does A Courier And Package Tracking System Work?


During the old times, all transport had to be carried out using people. These people could not relocate to other regions without extensive training. The training involved familiarising oneself with the road networks and traffic conditions in the area. The advent of the internet has given rise to revolutions in many industries, and this includes every courier tracking system in the world. As the goods and products the company makes increases, the load on the transportation department also increases.

This causes a dire need for such software to be available and used by most industries. Today such softwares are used to increase the accuracy, speed, and efficiency of their transport. 

The companies which need a courier tracking software have a huge quantity of production output and usually make a multitude of products. The company is also burdened with the task of sorting the products into categories efficiently. There are tools inside a courier tracking system that make this easier. There are tools that send out the location of the courier whenever the client or the company requests it. The software also provides automatic dispatching, delivery task filtering, reminders, and real-time analytics solutions built inside it. They also come with internal eCommerce delivery management plugins and integrations that help track the courier in real-time.

Advantages of the On-demand Courier Software

There are many advantages to the online courier and package delivery systems. They help the customer, the delivery company(or the delivery agency) and the environment.

  • The delivery tracking system is faster and provides efficient systems that would be impossible otherwise.
  • Communication speed between the different parts of the system is fast and secure.
  • Customers can know the exact location and time of delivery of the parcel.
  • Online payment system integration eliminates further processing time and increases customer satisfaction.
  • Customers are actively engaged in the delivery software.
  • The software helps store all the previous delivery information. This is helpful in the auditing process.
  • The online delivery process eliminates paperwork and is more environmentally friendly.

How Courier and Package Tracking System Works?

Following is an overview of how the package tracking software actually works. The highly automated system works by recognizing every shipment to be delivered and integrating that information with location, vehicle information, and price management.

Product Bar Code Generation

When the product is manufactured or made shipment-ready, a computer-generated bar-code is created and attached to it. This bar-code contains a unique ID and all the details of the product. The type of product, model number, price details, expiry date, etc, are thus assigned to each product. The eCommerce delivery management software thus has the complete database of product information, and the products are ready for shipment.

Beginning Of Shipment

When the customer order is received, the user of the delivery management system selects the product that is to be delivered. The rest is taken care of by the software. The courier tracking software now searches for available vehicles. It uses an automatic dispatch feature to dispatch the pending shipment to free vehicles and drivers are notified. The drivers load the product into their vehicle and begin the delivery process. Meanwhile, the delivery company can just use the task filtering feature to search for a particular delivery process going on. 

En-route Delivery Management Software Services

The features that courier tracking software provide include features that are very useful for drivers en-route. The customers and the delivery company or the delivery manager are also helped by these features. Following are the main features which are given by the delivery management software 

  • Route optimization - The software is provided with route optimization services that use the latest technology to select the fastest route possible. This route is selected and sent to the drivers of the delivery vehicles. The drivers can make changes to the route if necessary. The drivers can also see the number of shipments to be delivered and use the map functionality efficiently.
  • Vehicle and parcel tracking system - En-route, the vehicle tracking mechanism uses the GPS(Global Positioning System) to determine the exact location of the vehicle and the parcel. This is relayed back to the delivery agents and the delivery managers in real-time. Thus there is zero chance of the parcel getting lost or misplaced. If for some unfortunate reason any delay occurs, customers are sent the notification for the same. This eliminates the danger of such circumstances and increases the speed and efficiency of the logistics department.

Delivery To The Customer

The delivery to the customer occurs when the product reaches its customer , and the payment is done. This information is also upgraded into the delivery management software, and the delivery receipt is generated. The digitally generated receipt is given to the customer as proof of delivery. If in case the delivery is done to another courier agency, the bar code is scanned again and the product details are updated in their system.

Real-Time Analytics 

Most on-demand courier software come with real-time analytics features. These help the software to track every aspect of the delivery management process in real-time. Everything becomes interconnected. The management, as well as the drivers, can see exactly where every vehicle and the parcel is. The communication between the delivery agents becomes faster

Maintenance Services

The delivery management software system is provided with important systems that deal with maintenance issues. If the delivery agents have any problems the same is updated automatically in the software and the delivery agency gets the message. Care is taken so that the delivery process has the least amount of delay as possible. Problems are thus resolved easily.


Courier and parcel tracking software have increased their capabilities over the years. This is due to the fact that the processor technology in virtually all devices has improved. Every small and large business owner can take advantage of such software to improve last-mile logistics tracking of their products. 

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