Delivery, logistics & transportation trends in 2019


Logistics Trends

2019 offers new strategies and sets new trends in Logistics, where the warehouse and distribution centers redefine their operations using efficient Logistics tracking and management software.

Increase in the number of direct to consumer

With the increase in the use of tracking and management software and apps in logistics, shipments can be sent directly from the warehouse to consumers without using any third party operator. This is time and cost effective and business owners do not have to entrust any third party for shipment. This effectively lowers the operational cost, time and efforts of the business owners.

logistics & transportation management

Green logistics

This is a new trend in 2019 where logistic companies are increasingly integrating sustainable development goals into their business, ensuring the protection of the environment. The objective is to decrease the environmental burden of transportation and supply chains thus resorting to green logistics. This is even further supported and endorsed by logistic tracking and management software, which works paperlessly along with tracking the miles and ensuring the reduction of the usage of resources. This results in stronger company reputation, lowered supply chain costs, increased product innovation and a significant increase in the revenue.


Digitalization has always been in the limelight. With Logistics management software, tracking of logistics, real-time traceability,  detailed consumer information, increase in clarity of communication, optimization of transportation time and many other aspects have been taken care of seamlessly. This will dramatically increase the effectiveness and speed in which the order fulfillment process is carried out, resulting in faster logistics operation.

Saas based apps for supply chain

The use of Saas-based applications like Logistics tracking and management software offers optimized and convenient services and technologies to maximize production and minimize the use of various resources in the Logistics industries.


Delivery Trends

Millennials as key drivers, when it comes to food delivery, e-commerce delivery or any other kinds of online purchased commodity delivery using mobile apps. They are the target audience and hence the delivery needs to match the fast-paced lifestyle of the Millennials. This can be achieved with the following trends

logistics & transportation trends

Use Delivery management software to remove delivery complexities

When it comes to e-commerce or retail, food or grocery or any other delivery, accuracy in time, delivery location and communication is essential. These aspects are taken care of by Delivery management software, with real-time tracking and avoidance of delay or failed deliveries.

Focus on Last mile visibility of each Delivery

Following the traditional delivery, the admin needs to track agents manually and proof of delivery is often missing, resulting in discrepancy, leading to failed or wrong delivery and misplaced goods. In order to avoid all these problems, it is advised to adopt solutions like Last mile delivery tracking software. This helps business owners to assign tasks to delivery agents easily and track their delivery status in real time.

Alert Delivery Slots

Optimize the time, cost, effort and ensure faster delivery with customer choose time slots. This helps the customers to choose the slot they will be available in and ensure to avoid missed delivery and long wait time for the customers.


Transportation Trends

ELD’s and Data collection devices

Nowadays most of the drivers are adapted to Electric login Devices(ELD’s) solutions like Delivery management software and learn from the data. This helps the delivery agents to deliver faster and accurately, with no delay and confusion.

logistics & transportation software

Last mile solution and tracking

With efficient tracking software like Last mile delivery tracking software, consumers can plan out their day based on the clarity of information and live tracking. The delivery agents also get all information and assistance from the app, such as route optimization, customer’s contact information, to deliver faster and efficiently.

Focus on Data analysis

Supply chain professionals rely on data analyst to examine, analyze and take necessary actions to improve transportation. These supply chain professionals can re-skills themselves and use advanced analytics software like Deliforce to analyze and determine the scope of improvement in the business.

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