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The education industry includes the most vulnerable category of society since it mainly has the children and youngsters. Along with the educational institutions, school and college buses form an integral part of this industry. With vehicle tracking and real-time driver tracking systems gaining popularity, it is inevitable to focus on the safety of the school and college children, making their journey in the buses safer and traceable.

Deliforce offers a wide scope for the education industry to streamline their bus and services such that every movement can be tracked in real-time, along with being in constant touch with the managers as well as the parents of the children. The wide range of advantages and the importance of school bus tracking with GPS devices are as follows:

Real-time tracking

One of the most essential features that Deliforce offers to the vehicle tracking system is the real-time vehicle movement tracking. This helps the dispatchers of the vehicles to keep a constant watch on the vehicle, along with offering the parents to keep a track of their children, while they travel to school or back home.

Route optimization

Route optimization is essential as well as a time saver. With route optimization, the drivers of the vehicles can choose the best route that is time and fuel saving. The admin can plan the pickup and drop off route in the most optimized way, such that the children can travel to and from without being delayed.

Ensuring better safety

Pickup tracking software for schools and colleges indeed ensures better safety to the children of the schools and colleges, simply because of the fact that the vehicle can be constantly tracked and followed as it moves. In case of any unwanted situation that is faced by the vehicle, the school authorities, as well as the parents of the children, are immediately informed, securing the safety measures of the students.

Bridging the gap between parents and pickup drop-off vehicles

The concerns of the parents, as their children arrive late to home is minimized or rather washed out since the parents can constantly monitor the movement of the vehicles, with receiving real-time notifications, thus bridging the gap between the parents and the pickup drop-off vehicles.

 The education industry often focuses on the education and extra-curricular development of the children, neglecting the transportation facilities, which is also an essential element. Deliforce completes the circle by adding the element of safety in transportation with its ready-made and customized solution for the educational institutions with school bus tracking with GPS devices. This ensures safety of the children in and outside the school premises along with a hassle-free and tailored to need solution offering the best possible vehicle tracking and managing software. The primary motive behind a SaaS-based school bus tracking is to give importance to the safety of the school and college children who essentially form a vulnerable lot of the population.  Deliforce offers the best pickup tracking software for schools and colleges with user-friendly and utility features, ensuring that the children are safe along with facilitating the parents to track down their children between the routes of their house and the school, yet offering a unified platform that can be simply Contact us for and deployed into the business.


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