Bike sharing businesses tie up with e-commerce firms to deliver their products


Bike/Car/Bicycle sharing businesses tie-up with e-commerce firms to deliver their products
With the coronavirus pandemic and a nationwide lockdown, many bike/car/bicycle sharing businesses have been facing a huge downfall. Everyone is looking for an alternative to overcome this situation and get progress in their business. So a better alternative is to shift the bike-sharing business to the delivery of goods through your vehicles. As there are many e-commerce companies which need vehicles to transfer their goods from one location to another location, the bike-sharing/car-sharing companies can tie up with these companies to transfer their products. This way both e-commerce firms and bike-sharing businesses will be benefited. Thus not only e-commerce other delivery based verticals can get benefited. The one more advantage of bike-sharing is they have already regulated with government policies to get to all areas, so there won't be any issues in reaching customers' locations.

How e-commerce firms get benefited from bike-sharing businesses?
Due to the Covid-19 situation, the demand for home delivery of essential products such as groceries, vegetables, medicine, and many other products have increased. The companies are not able to deliver the products due to the unavailability of vehicles and inadequacy of manpower. But the companies want to fulfil customer needs in this lockdown to encourage social distancing. Due to this situation, the bike/car/bicycle sharing companies are getting a lot of inquiries for the delivery of products from many e-commerce firms or supermarkets.

The COVID-19 situation demands e-commerce companies to tie up with the bike-sharing businesses to deliver their products. So, in order to bridge the gap between bikes/car-sharing companies, e-commerce companies, delivery agents and customers an efficient delivery tracking and management software is required. Deliforce is the best delivery tracking and management software which helps in assigning tasks to the agents with the real-time tracking of agents and streamlining all the business operations
How the delivery tracking and management software helps?
Due to the nationwide lockdown, e-commerce companies are approaching bike/car-sharing businesses to deliver their products. There will be a business-to-business partnership between these companies where bike-sharing owners will help e-commerce firms with the last-mile delivery tracking and management system. The delivery boys will be sent by the vehicle sharing companies to the e-commerce companies for the collection of products. They will deliver the collected products to the location of customers at the given time. The e-commerce company owners, vehicle owners and customers can track the location of the vehicle through real-time tracking. Even the customers can receive notifications about their product delivery, make the payment easily online and get the products delivered to their doorsteps.

ecommerce products delivery software

Features of Deliforce
This delivery tracking and management software have an agent app, customer app, API integration, and analytics dashboard with many user-friendly features which helps to offer the optimised route to the agents, track the agent's tasks in real-time, schedule product delivery, and streamline all the business operations.

Route optimisation
The shortest route will be suggested to the delivery agents, such that they can reach the given location on time without any delay. Also, the maximum number of deliveries can be done within less time.

Automatic dispatch
By using this software, it will be easy to assign tasks to the agents. The agents will be assigned the work based on availability, distance, and priority.

Real-time Tracking
Customers and admin can track the agent location through real-time tracking. The admin can easily view the real-time arrival information of the agent which even helps the admin to schedule the tasks properly.

Estimated time of arrival
The admin can track the agent location when the agent will be at their next location and also predict when the agent can finish all the tasks and ready for the next task.

Customers know exactly when their product will be delivered through SMS/ Email. The delivery agents will get the notifications from the admin regarding the task they need to complete.

Fleet Tracking and management
This last-mile delivery tracking and management software help to increase the fleet visibility where admin can see the delivery agents vehicle’s and get better control over them.

Delivery Proof and Feedback
After the product delivery is done, the electronic proof of delivery along with the e-signature can be collected by the delivery agent. Also, the feedback of the customer will be provided to the agent.

Data and Analytics Management
The automatic data and analytics management offers the performance of the agents, usage of resources, status of deliveries, and so on. By using these methods the admin can get to know about the clarity of growth in the business.

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Due to the nationwide lockdown, bike and car-sharing companies have their functioning come to a halt. So, the best alternative is to tie up with the e-commerce companies to deliver essential products to customers, rather than staying idle during this period. Deliforce is the best delivery tracking and management software in Bangalore which offers the best solution to overcome this situation by bridging the gap between bike-sharing companies, e-commerce companies, delivery agents and customers.




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