Importance of a Delivery Dispatch Software in 2021



Delivery software has become very advanced in recent years. This enables restaurants and similar businesses to seamlessly deliver many types of products. The order, delivery, and submission are made more fast and efficient by the delivery software. The last leg of the delivery process, from the distribution center to the customer is known as last mile delivery. This can be within a few miles of the customer, but it sometimes extends up to 50 or 100 miles. This area has received a lot of attention since reducing time delay here means more business to the distribution center. Every such product delivery software comes with features that enable remote orders from customers and help delivery providers reach them efficiently.

The software usually features separate dashboards for customers and delivery providers or has different applications for both types of users. It is a must-have software for delivery businesses around the world looking to increase their sales and revenue.

Any kind of product delivery can be made efficient with tools like courier scheduling system and dispatch software. Food, grocery, retail, pharmaceutical products, and services offered by industries are some types of products that are delivered using such software. The software is structured in a manner that is very secure and includes options for digital payments from users. The software usually has an admin or enterprise panel which receives the customer request and sends the delivery order to available agents. 

The software is made available as a mobile app for both delivery agents and customers. The user interface is unlocked by a username and password system. Each previous customer order is noted by the delivery tracking system. Each delivery agent keeps track of the number of deliveries made. The admin panel also contains this information and it can be viewed whenever available. Analytics is also provided for customer and delivery agents. The customer order preferences and vehicle usage by the agents are tracked by the software.

Why choose delivery software to tackle all the product distribution

  • Delivery management software is a one-time investment. The profits they can bring to the company make such an investment worth it.
  • The efficiency and speed of delivery increase greatly. This increases customer satisfaction and improves customer loyalty
  • The old delivery orders are recorded digitally. They can be revisited in a future date whenever such a need arises
  • Fierce competition exists in the real world and the businesses must incorporate new technology to stay in the market.

Features in a good delivery management system

Delivery system features

All the below features work parallelly at a given time in the real-world environment. They handle the deliveries mostly automatically with minimal human supervision. Following are the general features of delivery management software that give them the edge in efficiency and productivity of the delivery system.

Vehicle tracking 

Vehicle tracking is done through GPS systems that are integrated into the delivery tracking software. The vehicle location is sent to delivery agents and customers in real-time. The delivery agents are told the time of delivery to the software. The customers can check the date and time of arrival of their order. The admin can check the vehicle's fuel and other important details of the vehicle. By checking such aspects of vehicles their health and working life span can be increased. Thus, a delivery tracking software leads to the smooth working of business operations. 

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Route optimization

Every delivery management software usually comes with route optimization. Route optimization is the process of selecting the best possible route for faster and effective delivery. It is done by measuring the distance of different routes and tracking the traffic in such routes via the GPS system. The courier delivery software usually preselects the optimized route to the delivery agent.

Automatic dispatch

The orders are handled automatically by the courier dispatch software. The list of available vehicles is tracked by the software. If a new order is placed, the system selects the nearest delivery agent and sends them the notification. If there are no available vehicles at a certain time then the system waits for such a time when they become available. It then automatically dispatches the order for such vehicles. Cancellation of orders is also similarly taken care of by the delivery management software.

Digital payment integration

The delivery management software comes with a secure digital payment integration mechanism. This is because cashless payment is faster and improves customer and distributor relationships. The digital payment feature is integrated into the customer’s mobile app to perform seamless payment processes. The customer can pay when the shipment arrives, and this is called cash on delivery, which is a popular feature in food delivery dispatch software.

Multi-language support

The delivery management software is very efficient in providing courier delivery solutions and can be used in different countries. Thus it needs to support the languages that are spoken in the countries. This is done by integrating multiple languages in the software. The customer and delivery agents can use the language of their choice.

Report and analytics

The software can create instant reports for customer order statistics. The admin can ask once to create a report and it is made available as soon as possible by the software. The courier dispatch software analyzes the sales and cost of various delivery-related processes and calculates the revenue. The software also analyzes the vehicle's health and sends notifications to drivers if it needs any maintenance. Rash driving on vehicles can also be tracked using this software, which helps increase safety.

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Delivery management software has become an integrated part of every business which has to deliver its products to the customers. Customers also prefer businesses that allow remote delivery and digital payments. The businesses also grow by the advantages given by the software. Deliforce is the ultimate last mile delivery management software that provides real-time delivery optimizations and analytics. It is consistently used by businesses around the world to increase their sales



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