How to build an efficient and happy workforce with Field service management software?


Deliforce is one of the best field service management software that offers effective workforce tracking in real time, along with ensuring constant communication with the customers, until the service is successfully provided.

Importance of a Field service management software

  • Control and monitor all agents from a remote location
  • Track field service agents in real time

workforce with Field service management software

  • Offer route optimization
  • Communicate constantly with the customers
  • Ensure the services have been provided successfully
  • Get reviews and ratings of the services you offer
  • Get a performance overview of all the service agents and workforce
  • Invoice and payment management
  • Complete record keeping of the business, without manipulation


How to build an efficient and happy workforce with Deliforce?

Deliforce offers a smooth and seamless operation for the business owners as well as the field service agents.

For the agents

  • Automated task allocation
  • Complete record keeping and task management
  • Ensure that none of the tasks are missed
  • Route optimization to complete more successful tasks on time
  • Customer’s contact details to communicate as and when needed
  • Estimated time to delivery notified to customers, thus increasing their availability
  • Self-performance tracker
  • Tasks completed with lesser effort and without delay
  • Happy and efficient workforce


For the business owners

  • Bulk task assignment
  • Real-time GPS tracking of the workforce

workforce with Field service management software

  • Constant monitoring even from a remote location
  • Expansion of business with efficient field service management software
  • Increased ROI and productivity
  • Lesser time and effort invested
  • Customer satisfaction achieved
  • Complete utilization of workforce

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This is how, Deliforce, the ultimate field service management, and tracking software offers complete efficiency of the workforce and results in a flourishing business get a global platform for faster expansion. Deploy Deliforce into your business and grab the global market with efficient Field service management software.


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