Build Stronger Customer Relationships with Field Service Management software


Field service companies need to build strong relationships with customers so that they can earn more benefits in their business. Field service management software can be used for this purpose. Building a strong relationship with customers is much important for the overall development of a business. Without effective field service tracking app, it is very difficult to send the product to a particular location in the given time. The more the benefits with the Field service tracking software the more the customers will get attracted to it which in turn helps in building a stronger relationship with the customers. Ways to build strong relationships with customers using Field service tracking software:

Customer Feedback:

In order to build strong relationships with the customers, taking customer feedback is one of the best ways. By knowing the customer feedback and reviews, the service provider will get an idea of where improvements can be done. As customers are a great source of information about your service and delivery agents getting feedback from the customers will always strengthen the relationship between the customer and the management.

Delight your customers:

The field service tracking software provides customers with real-time pickup and delivery information and regular updates to the customers from the day the order is placed which helps to plan their day accordingly. 

Notify your customers:

Email or SMS notifications will be sent to the customers in case there is any delay in the delivery of the product or the product is out of delivery. The customer need not call the service providers for follow up. This gives a very nice impression to the customers about the service providers as the customers who engage in online purchases always prefer to know about the location of their products.

Field Service Management software

Real-time tracking:

The customers can get in touch with the delivery agents anytime with real-time tracking option on their mobile. The customers can track the location of the agent and within how much time the product delivery or the service can be done. The Field tracking management software like Deliforce helps in real-time tracking of products or services.

Customer Preferences:

The customers can select the date and the time of their choice which helps the customers to receive the product or services at their convenient time. This is very helpful for customers who have a busy schedule and are only available at a particular time.

Time Estimation:

The customers will also get the updates regarding the estimated time of arrival of the field service agents which is a great benefit offered by a Field force management software like Deliforce. 

Delivery proof from the customers:

After the product delivery is done, the electronic proof of delivery is collected by the Field agent, so that any other person pretending to be the original customer cannot collect the parcel. 


The field service management software is having the feature of route optimization which helps in offering the smartest routes to the agents. The products can be delivered on-time to customers earning customer satisfaction.

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Deliforce is the Field service management software for manufacturing companies that helps in real-time tracking making the business easier. Deliforce gives priority to customer feedback and acts accordingly. It also notifies the customers through SMS or Email about product delivery. Deliforce helps in delivering the services or products to the customers on-time. It also gains the customer's trust by collecting electronic delivery proof from the customers. Deliforce can be adapted to various industries like Field service, Logistics, Retail, E-commerce, and many other industries that helps to track and manage their field agents. Contact with Deliforce to get details about the solution.

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