How Delivery Management Software is Changing the Food Service Industry?


The unprecedented growth of the food service industry due to the introduction of third party aggregators like restaurant delivery management software has helped a lot. The growing demand for online food ordering and delivering food at customer’s doorsteps helps in gaining more customer base and boosting their revenue. The delivery software streamlines the entire delivery process, offers smart-route optimization, real-time tracking of delivery agents, and provides easy assigning of tasks.

Nowadays due to the pandemic, the dynamics of the whole delivery process have been changed with the adoption of new strategies that keep up with the COVID-19 protocol. More delivery businesses have implemented the last-mile delivery software to automate their delivery tasks and to improve the business efficiency. Below mentioned points help you to know the major benefits while you automate your foodservice industry with a delivery tracking system.

Deliforce is a SaaS-based last-mile delivery software that streamlines the data, offers real-time tracking of the agents, and ensures workforce management. 

Real-time order tracking

The last-mile delivery software delivery management software tracks the delivery agents in real-time and streamlines the complete data. The optimized shortest route covering multiple destinations can be found. The delivery tracking system provides information regarding the peak hours of the day, delivery hotspots, etc, and also notifies the difficulties faced by the delivery agents in certain routes. The smart route optimization, real-time tracking, and notification features offer an ultimate customer experience.

Offer personalized experience

The last-mile delivery offers a personalized experience. Customers can select the food from their favorite restaurant through a single app and the food will be delivered at their doorsteps. The GPS tracking feature of the software helps them to track the delivery agents and can communicate with them through the app.

Customers can rate the services of the delivery agent and can provide reviews of the services and food. The push notification feature helps customers to get updates regarding delivery, dispatching, and shipping details. Personalized messages can be sent to the customers based on their previous purchase history and assist them in decision making. The last mile delivery software has a customized interface that customers can personalize their preferences based on the foods, favorite restaurants, and tastes.  

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Flexible payment system

The restaurant delivery management software supports contactless delivery, especially during the pandemic. Moreover, the idea of cashless delivery removes the hassles associated with physical money transactions. The flexible in-built payment gateway system offers multiple payment options such as debit/credit cards, net banking, UPI methods, e-wallet, etc.

The last mile delivery software provides special discounts, offers, and referral codes to customers. 

Easy task assignment

The last-mile delivery software offers separate apps for the customers, driver, and the admin. The admin panel of the app allows the admin to register new orders from the customers and also they can assign different tasks to the delivery agents. The filtering feature helps the manager to filter tasks based on date, status, time, and delay. The app allows provision to add, delete, edit, or set deadlines for the tasks.

Extensive dashboard

Restaurant delivery management software must have an extensive dashboard with various features. Deliforce’s dashboard allows the customers to connect in real-time and communicate with them. The delivery software offers a complete overview of all the delivery agents and the status of their tasks along with the map view. 

Reduce ordering errors

The ordering errors were common during past times when customers used to order foods via phones. The chances of mistakenly ordering food using the wrong menu items, misplaced orders, etc. were the difficulties faced by the restaurants.  But with the help of last-mile delivery software, customers can select and order their favorite food from any restaurant within seconds. It eliminates confusion, and errors save a lot of time and reduce the causes of waste and loss in the restaurant.

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Analytics and integrations

The progress and the current status of the delivery business can be easily analyzed with the help of the analytics tools in the delivery tracking system. Using Deliforce, the daily or monthly statistics of all tasks can be viewed in a graphical form. Analytics tool helps to make the best decisions. The details regarding the completed, delayed, and ongoing tasks can also be analyzed. You can track the miles travelled by the delivery agents along with the details such as type of task, delivery or pickup, total distance covered throughout the day.

The dashboard feature of the delivery software helps delivery agents to know how much fuel they have consumed, and the estimation of the money they have spent. Delivery agents can track themselves to know the summary of their daily working hours and the details of the number of tasks completed and type of tasks. The collected data can be integrated into other many devices and cloud apps such as Google Maps, Google Drive, Google Docs, Zapier, etc


Restaurant delivery management software optimizes the supply management chain, enhances operational performance and efficiency. It offers several features and tools to provide great customer satisfaction, generates more customer engagements, and promotes the brand.

Deliforce is delivery management software that automates your restaurant business, dealing with pickup vehicles, delivery, and workforce management.


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