What is last mile carrier tracking and how it benefits customers & businesses?


What is last mile carrier tracking and how it benefits customers & businesses?

Due to technological advancements, nowadays customers are expecting fast and accurate shipping of their packages. According to the research, delivery speed is more essential than free shipping for most of the customers. Even 54% of customers are willing to pay if the shipping is done on the same day. Also, 97% of customers are expecting updates of the shipping, visibility of their product and order tracking facility soon after they place an order online. Hence the logistics companies are making use of last-mile delivery tracking and management software essential features to meet the customer requirements.

What is last-mile carrier tracking? 

Last-mile delivery is the process of transporting a package from a hub to the specified destination in the most efficient and cost-effective way. Last-mile carriers are the shipping companies which transport parcels or packages to the customers. Some examples of last-mile carriers are UPS, FedEx, and USPS. Last-mile carriers also called delivery service providers to include local or regional courier companies as well. They are responsible for completing the delivery and always look for the proper ways to boost efficiencies and reduce that last mile.

Benefits of last-mile tracking for customers

Business platforms should have the capability to exhibit all necessary information, exceptional delivery experience and services since we live in a competitive online market. Customers can search for their desired products and services; seek for businesses that offer quality services at the lowest price. Thus providing a last-minute tracking software must give all features like driver tracking, driver EDTA, option to rate their experience, etc. A good last-mile carrier tracking attracts customers through efficient interactions and services.

SMS alerts

Delivery management software sends the SMS/ Email notifications and lets the customers be aware that the delivery of their parcel has started. Customers will get text messages automatically when their order is on the way, about to deliver or out of stock.

Live tracking of agents on a map

This software offers a responsive and clean interface so that customers can get the live updates of the driver location along with the accurate ETAs. As the customers will get to know the location of the agent clearly and any delay due to traffic issues, it helps them to plan their day efficiently. 

Easy to communicate with the driver

Customers can call or message the driver from their mobile device to know about their parcel delivery. This feature is helpful for the customers as well as the drivers. Drivers will also get to know about the availability of the customer at the given time at the specified delivery location. 

Ability to give feedback 

This software even allows customers to give feedback about the delivery services, driver, and their experience which lets them feel more empowered. This feedback even acts as a great and valuable source of information to the carriers.

Benefits of last-mile tracking for carriers

The last mile tracking for carriers is customer-focussed that gives an insight into the holistic view of delivery logistics. It guarantees the complete visibility of the internal operations throughout the supply chain. It ensures end-to-end visibility that avoids theft and failed deliveries by tracking the movement of the stocks. It ensures transparency and complete management of costs. The last-minute visibility requires the followings:

Tracking packages once loaded 

Last-mile tracking of packages in real-time once they are loaded on the vehicles will help the logistics companies to easily predict ETAs and offer automatic alert messages in cases of unexpected delays. Customers also get prior notifications via regular alerts throughout the delivery process. This is very important as it makes the customers understand that their packages are safe and on their way. 

Tracking of vehicles and orders in real-time 

Always customers are much interested to get updated about where their package is, and the companies are interested to know where the drivers are. By using the last mile tracking software, customers, as well as the companies, will exactly know where the drivers are throughout the delivery process. With the delivery management software, the admin can search the status of the drivers, and filter by time to assign the delivery tasks. 

Proof of delivery

This software allows drivers to collect electronic proof of delivery through an along with the signature of the customer to make the verification of deliveries easy. This helps the admin to ensure the package is handled properly to the original customer or in case if the package is missing.

Analyze customer satisfaction

Data analytics and management play a crucial role to know the performance through the key indicators like agents, the status of deliveries, usage of resources and more. Admin can view the statistics of the business graphically, where the information of completed tasks, delayed tasks and on-going tasks can be clearly tracked. Using this software, the admin can clearly know about the growth of the business.


Last-mile carrier tracking is helpful for customers as it not only offers visibility but also offers a sense of control which the customers expect from any delivery service. It assists to speed up all the delivery operations and minimize operational costs which help in enhancing customer satisfaction and makes the business profitable. Deliforce is a leading provider of SaaS-based delivery tracking and management solutions which offers logistics businesses to provide a great delivery experience for the customers.

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