COVID-19: How delivery tracking and management software help to overcome in this situation.


Currently, as the panic buying of products is happening and likely to continue for a few more weeks, the delivery tracking and management software came into demand.

The Coronavirus outbreak continues to interrupt the financial markets and global supply chains. In this situation, the logistics industry has a key role to play. There is also a chance that due to this fear, the functioning of the Logistics industry will be greatly affected worldwide. The delay in the delivery of the products can be controlled using a flexible delivery tracking and management system.

Coronavirus influence on world logistics and shipping industries
According to the research, it is said that once the pandemic ends it takes almost 6 months for all the businesses to run normally. In India, as consumer goods fly off the shelves due to Coronavirus spread, all the transactions have now become online and it is getting difficult to streamline all the tasks. Deliveries have been delayed and some of the items have become unavailable. As the information was given by Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies and retailers there are no shortages and that they will speed up the supply of products to shops besides. They said sales have increased from 15 to 45% based on the category.

Also, due to the sudden shut down of malls, offices, schools, colleges, multiplexes, and restaurants by all the state governments, also the work-from-home instructions have given rise to home consumption. As a result of this, there is a much need for flexible last-mile delivery tracking software which can efficiently streamline the tasks, send real-time notifications to the customers and to supply the products on-time.

Delivery management Software | Delivery management System

Flexible delivery tracking and management software to overcome Coronavirus pandemic
In the current situation, flexible delivery tracking and management software can provide perfect solutions to streamline the tasks. Delivery management software is a flexible and best software which can most efficiently streamline the delivery and shipping operations that strengthen the overall performance of your business.

This last-mile delivery tracking software can manage task allocation, routing, delivery sequence, live tracking of agents, fleet tracking, and boosts customer interaction. Admin can access the location of the agent from the remote location. By using this application drivers can know about the fuel consumption, odometer readings, and additional expenses caused during the trip to know about the delivery efficiency.

Effective features of Last-mile delivery tracking and management software
As all the people now are staying indoors, there is much requirement for the products to be delivered quickly to the doorsteps on-time. In this situation, an efficient delivery tracking and management software is a perfect solution.

Optimized route
The smart route will be suggested to the delivery agents, resulting in a maximum number of deliveries in a short time.

Real-time Tracking
Admin and customers can track the real-time location of the delivery agent using GPS tracker.

Automatic dispatch
Helps the admin in assigning the right task to the right agent at the right time which helps in saving time and effort.

SMS/Email Notifications
Users will get the status of their product delivery through SMS/Email notifications.

Fleet Tracking
Helps to increase the fleet visibility where admin can see the agent’s vehicle’s and get better control over them.

Proof of delivery
After the product delivery, e-signature and feedback can be collected from the customers.

Analytics Management
Admin can manage data automatically which helps to run the business efficiently.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic as all the offline businesses are locked down, now it's the time to choose a genuine and best delivery management software with efficient features. Deliforce is the best delivery tracking and management software which can provide perfect solutions to all businesses and streamline the tasks to overcome the sudden outbreak of Coronavirus.




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