Importance of On-field appointment tracking software for salon and Spa


Appointment tracking software for salon and Spa

The changing trends in society demand various essential services to be delivered or catered at the customer’s doorstep. With this trend-setting in and being conveniently accepted by the customers, on-field services have received significant importance. Various services such as home servicing, plumbing, electrician services, deep cleaning, makeup and beauty treatments are expected to deliver to the customer’s home with a one-click request send from their mobile apps.

Beauty parlors and salons often demand a lot of the customer’s time, since they have to book an appointment and wait in a queue, for their turn to come. With busier lifestyle and lesser time, customers prefer to take the services at home, at their convenient time, rather than visiting the beauty parlors. In order to fulfill these demands of the customers, salons and spas have introduced home services by deploying on-field beauticians.

Beauty parlors have been appointing on-field beauticians such that they can serve the potential customers at home, in the most convenient time. However, one major issue faced by the salons and spa is to track these agents in real-time. The beauticians also face a major issue in receiving requests from clients and reaching the customer’s location on time. In order to address all these issues, Deliforce is the ultimate solution.

Deliforce offers an on-field appointment tracking and beautician tracking software for salon using which, the admin at the salon can assign task to all the on-field beauticians, along with tracking them in real-time. The software offers route optimization that allows the beauticians to choose the best possible route to reach the customer’s destination. This helps the beauticians reach on time and complete all the assigned tasks without delay or failure.

Importance of On-Field Appointment Tracking Software

The on-field tracking and Spa and beauty salon management software has a great contribution in seamless operations and appointment management for the salons, spa and beauty parlors.

Live to track

Live location tracking of the on-field agents and beauticians are facilitated. The admin can track all the field beauticians and their current location, thus ensuring communication and transparency.

Appointment notifications

Push notifications are sent to the on-field beauticians as soon as tasks are assigned to them. Once they accept the task, the admin is notified. As soon as the task is started, the concerned customer is also notified, via SMS or email, thus bridging the gap.

Route optimization

The best-optimized routes help the on-field beauticians to reach the customer’s destination on time. Route optimization also ensures completion of all tasks without delay, thus achieving customer satisfaction.

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Detailed record keeping

The admin can keep a complete record of all the tasks, their status, the driver’s performances thus getting a detailed record and analytics of the business. Moreover, information such as the idle time, transit time and distance are also kept as a record, to inspect causes of delay or task failure.

Customers notified

The customers are kept informed regarding the on-field beauticians and their expected time of arrival. This helps the customers to plan their day activities accordingly.

With the increase in the popularity of the on-demand services at home, on-field appointment tracking software have become inevitable and mandatory to ensure a steady boost of the business. With such efficient tracking and management software, revenue is increased, along with customer satisfaction.


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