Make your returns automated and cost efficient

Deliforce platform offers an unique solution to the logistic companies, offering them a logistics tracking management software with automated pickup, delivery and workforce tracking solutions, to manage the rising pressures in the industry successfully. Map delays and missed sales meetings are updated in the platform in real-time, thus assisting in better management with the Best Logistics tracking management system.

Get the best Courier parcel delivery management system and logistics courier tracking management system-for-cargo and automate the entire operations to enjoy seamless business, with increased cost efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Courier parcel delivery management software

Key facts


Increased no of deliveries


Increased route planning accuracy


Increased span of operations


Increased visibility in real time


Decreased overall delay


Decreased turn-around time

Benefits that drives you into the ocean of Deliforce

The best management solution for the busiest logistics and courier services that optimises the operations.
customer Customers

Customers get their deliveries on time, with notifications of pre-arrival or pre-delivery helping them to plan their days better and schedule the service with Deliforce.

agent Delivery boys

The agents get immediate notifications and can be in action immediately, helping in faster delivery. The contact and location notifications of customers, help in offering precise locations, ensuring route optimization.

dashboard Dashboard

The dashboard helps the courier business owner to track all the agents and manage them from a centralised portal, along with receiving graphical summary of all the services completed successfully.

How it works

The best tracking and management solution for last mile delivery tracking to offer seamless operations.

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