How to transform your dream restaurant into a profitable delivery business?


How to transform your dream restaurant into a profitable delivery business?

The outbreak of COVID-19 has affected the lives of many, especially the hospitality business sectors. The pandemic has widespread in more than 150 countries and territories that have overturned the economic part of restaurants. People are now practising social distancing which is mandatory to avoid the spread of infectious viruses. Considering the present scenario, the only survival strategy to overcome this catastrophe is to adapt by pivoting your restaurant to a delivery business.

The key factor to success is the perspective you hold to change this downturn into a positive thought that transforms your business with precise strategies and well-defined plans. As per the survey conducted by MGH, 77% of the customers take a look at the restaurant's website before they dine in or order the food. The features of the website like page optimization, easy navigation, captivating content, readability, food photography, etc. influence the sales rate and nearly 70% of the customers have been discouraged from visiting the restaurant because of low-quality websites. 

Why does your restaurant business need a transformation?

The transformation of the delivery business becomes effective if you make some changes to the restaurant as well as the websites and mobile app features with the help of professionals. It is expected that mobile apps will become a $38 billion industry by 2020. The statistical data provided by MGH shows that 33% of consumers were discouraged by the website because of the difficulty to navigate and 30% were because of old-looking and outdated websites. The major reasons to transform your restaurant business to a delivery business depends on the following points:

  • The dramatic reduction in sales because people aren’t encouraged to gather as a part of social distancing which is inevitable.
  • Difficulty in giving salaries to the employees due to the sales reduction.
  • As the sales are going down, the stocked up groceries and food could expire.
  • When the operational cost exceeds the sales profit.

A solid plan and a few basic steps

The success of your business depends on the solid plan and the steps you take to change the pattern that favours the current social structure. We have seen certain businesses hit the delivery business platform with best-fit ideas and have flourished in no time. Nothing is impossible, go for some research, collect articles, know the market trends, and think from the customer’s perspective. Let’s have a look at the basic steps we need to focus on before the transformation of your business.

Let your team know

Speak to your team about your new goals and the significance of your decision. Make them understand the plans, update every detail regarding the process, and support them to achieve the goals.

New delivery duties

Make them understand the new delivery role, how it benefits, how to do it, etc. Assign the duties to each person based on their skills and interests.

Safety measures

Ensure your team is safe and take all safety measures. Collect necessary items like sanitizers, masks, gloves, etc. Encourage no-touch deliveries and keep a healthy environment to ease down the process.

Proper order management system

Find an effective and proper delivery management system to follow. You can take orders via a mobile call, app, or with the help of social media.

Perfect delivery management system

The success depends on the coordination, operations, and well-defined plans of the delivery management system. You can seek the help of good companies that offer delivery tracking software and apps. Deliforce offers the best SaaS-based delivery management software that tracks the delivery agent and streamlines the complete data with a flexible field force management.

Major business struggles to overcome during a pandemic

Lack of customers

Due to the rapid spread of coronavirus, running a restaurant is not practical and healthy. So many restaurants have been closed so far and the necessity of other options is a topic of concern. The pandemic shouldn’t affect the lives of restaurant employees and businesses thus an alternate solution is required. There comes the notion of food delivery rather than dine-in options because it is difficult for your restaurant to get customers. 

Salary issues

Most of the restaurant business is trying hard to balance the profit and loss margin due to the rapid reduction in sales. It not only affects the overall business profit but also the lives of employees. The real drawback occurs when you struggle to provide wages to them and you don’t want them to fire. 

Struggle to store food for a prolonged period 

The storage of the stoked up groceries and food for a prolonged period of time is really difficult. You are quite uncertain about the sale, whether you should stock up the food or shouldn’t. This may lead to the wastage of food and loss of money. An alternative idea to reinforce and transform your business pattern is mandatory and to reach the profit margin. 

Deliforce remould your business

To reach a finite solution for this is not tough. The right technology and best workforce management system can mould your dream software to ease down the process including all your necessities and objectives. Deliforce offers last-mile tracking carrier software that ensures real-time tracking and field force management.

Deliforce makes your food delivery business much easier with the intriguing features like smart route optimization that facilitates easy navigation to multiple destinations with great ease to keep deliveries on-time, live tracking of agents, SMS alerts, real-time notifications, and provision to communicate with the driver. The admin can assign different tasks to the delivery agents. They can add, delete, edit, or set deadlines for the tasks. In the task filtering option, the manager can filter the tasks based on date, status, time, and delay.

The benefits of last-mile tracking for carriers encompasses features like tracking of vehicles and packages, and orders in real-time, electronic proof for the delivery along with customer signature, data analytics, and management to analyze daily or monthly statistics of all tasks. The software integrates with almost all apps to make the delivery process easier.


Choosing a good delivery management company changes the outlook of your business dreams. Transforming your restaurant into a profitable delivery business can save your money, time, and efforts. The tracking software and field force management system enhance visibility and sales through systematic plans and precise methodologies.

Deliforce ensures that your food reaches the destinations without any delay and no stock is wasted. Every struggle has some right solutions when you get to the perfect hands. No pandemic should fade your business aspirations, connect with us today!


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