Third party logistics (3PL) Warehousing

2 Day Dock-To-Stock

Within 2 days of your inventory arriving at our warehouse, we’ll have accurately processed every individual piece.

Zero Shrinkage Allowance

We’re the only 3PL Warehouse to operate with 0% shrinkage allowance.

Inventory Management

Our web-based Warehouse Management System (WMS) gives you unprecedented visibility into the movement of your inventory

Kitting & Inserts

Kitting, light assembly, marketing inserts, and other unique value-adding services are crucial processes carried out by your 3PL Warehouse.

3PL Fulfillment
  • There’s nothing worse than a late order or an incorrect package. These mistakes cost your eCommerce business money.If we ever make a mistake, we pay you $50 on the spot.
  • If they’re not handled correctly, they can cost you customers as well.
  • That’s why Red Stag guarantees the highest-level 3PL fulfillment services in the industry.
  • After all, the fulfillment of your online orders is the core of our operations.
  • We guarantee same-day fulfillment with perfect accuracy on every order.
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3PL Shipping
  • Even after your customers’ orders have shipped, the job of your 3PL fulfillment center is far from over.
  • Tracking information must immediately be updated from the carrier so that your customers can monitor their shipment and you can ensure a successful delivery.
  • Whether you’re shipping domestically or internationally, your 3PL should also provide the added benefit of discounted shipping rates.
  • While optimizing your parcels to help you avoid the adverse impact of Dimensional Weight Pricing.
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3rd Party Logistics Redefined
  • Simply put, we’re a third party fulfillment provider that approaches things a little differently. Our business is being the successful extension of your business.
  • If your business is growing and you need a trusted 3rd party logistics fulfillment center, or if you’re tired of putting out fires with your current 3PL service, we invite you to try our services, risk-free, for 30-Days. Let’s succeed together.
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Business Impact

Our customers have realized critical business objectives using Deliforce first-mile pick-up solution that delivers positive outcomes.


reduction in customer onboarding time


eCommerce stores integrations


increase in delivery NPS

The Deliforce Advantage

We’re partners in your growth journey and trusted by leading organizations across the globe for our unparalleled expertise and business value proposition.

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Low-code Integrations

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Third-party Connectors

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No Upfront Costs

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Quick Time to Implement

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Future-ready Platform

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Consultative Approach

Industry We Serve

Deliforce is extending its supporting hands to diverse businesses, enterprises, and companies around the world. Promote your company growth with final mile delivery solutions.


Transforming Business to have Effective Nextgen Logistics

Delivery Management Software can be defined as the software comprising attributes, tools, and elements that enable route planning and delivery management efficiently. The software enables seamless last mile delivery operations through automation and advanced strategies.
The Deliforce routing software helps in simplifying business functionalities and performs smooth running of work processes. By increasing deliveries efficiently, overall productivity rises to give you a well-organized position in the near future. Additionally, it provides flexibility to accommodate all departmental works and keep data stored in it.
Developers have created Deliforce package delivery software with a user-friendly interface that comprises dashboards to streamline delivery, orders, delivery locations, and many others. It solves delivery challenges, integrates CRM with APIs, route optimization, performance monitoring with real-time tracking, proof of delivery, improving communication between drivers, users, and customers, and so forth.
The delivery management system suits different product delivery sectors such as cannabis delivery, water delivery, grocery ordering and delivery, food delivery, package delivery, packers and movers, and many others. In addition we also have appointment and field force based industry support as well.
Deliforce offers an effective app for delivery drivers, web portal for managers, and customers. With the driver app, it enables auto-dispatching, task alerts, route optimization, and navigation. The manager web dashboard allows 360-degree business view, real-time tracking, and driver performance engagement.
The real-time tracking is the GPS tracking of the location of the delivery agents that end users can track live through interactive maps as per their progress. Deliforce enables effective real-time tracking of routes and drivers to keep an update of the delivery progress.
Yes, Deliforce helps administer proof of delivery which is an emailed receipt consisting of the delivery information along with the recipient name, signature, tracking number, and address.
White label programs are solutions that give branding, seamless development and deployment, and cost-effective solutions to the delivery system.
It helps to track the route adopted by the driver towards the delivery location and also keeps track of their delivery efficiency. We track driver location using their mobile GPS.
With the active implementation of Deliforce last mile delivery software, you can get notification SMS alerts whenever the delivery agent is on the premises and obtain the real-time status of orders and their delivery. This also helps customers to get links to track the driver location in real-time.
Yes! Deliforce has a user-friendly API integrating which to the system works easily with POS and ecommerce platforms. In addition to this, our seasoned developers make integrations or add plugins to make it work according to ecommerce platform rendition.
It has a customer panel and driver app simulated into it so that drivers can check for updates in jobs, delivery location, and others. Customers can easily track the order through the delivery platform and get automatic alerts of the ETAs.
Delivery scheduling is a unique feature of Deliforce that automates and organizes assignments by scheduling the delivery jobs to drivers. It helps to improve the organization of the delivery operations by auto-scheduling jobs to drivers and promote timely delivery of orders.
Deliforce can be effectively used as a last-mile pickup and delivery system for such businesses. By actively using the system features, packages can be picked up and delivered to the recipient with delivery management solutions. For enterprises that want to monitor daily activities in realtime, the system works accordingly.