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Desiri is a Karnataka based start-up company with a straightforward mission of providing natural cooking oil to 100,000 families of India by the year 2020. With this goal, the company has been selling pure, chemical free, edible oil extracted through bull driven wooden Ghana. This is the purest form of edible oils extracted that does not undergo any chemical treatment. In order to ensure that this pure oil, that has no artificial color, no additive, no paraffin, no bleaching of oils, no antioxidants reaches the customers intact and fast, such that the goodness of the oil remains.


The problem faced by Desiri

One of the major problems faced by Desiri was, ensuring successful and on time delivery of the chemical free oils to hundreds of customers. The delivery boys would initially take the bottled oils and deliver them door-to-door. However, as the business started growing and so the customer base, Desiri faced the following issues: 

  1. Mis-management of the delivery boys
  2. Lack of real time tracking of delivery agents
  3. Customers had no idea about the estimated delivery time
  4. Discrepancy in delivery
  5. Delayed and failed deliveries
  6. Travelling to the same area number of times


Deliforce offered the ultimate solution

Deliforce addressed all the problems faced by Desiri and offered just the right platform that they were looking for. With Deliforce all the above mentioned problems are resolved as follows:

Mis-management of the delivery boys

This problem is addressed by Deliforce efficiently as bulk tasks allocation is offered. The admin can easily create huge number of tasks and assign to all the delivery boys together, thus assigning tasks to all at a time. This ensures that all the delivery boys can start their tasks at the same time and do not have to spend idle time due to lack of task creation.

Desiri with deliforce software

Lack of real time tracking of delivery agents

Deliforce offers real time delivery agent tracking helping the admin to track all the delivery agents in real time, see their exact location and thus can keep track of each of them and monitor their movement.

Customers had no idea about the estimated delivery time

With Deliforce, this is no more a problem. SMS and Email notifications are send to the customers highlighting accurate estimated time of delivery. Delivery agent tracking link are also send to the customers such that they can track the agents in real time and plan their activities likewise.

Discrepancy in delivery

Previously customers often complained that they did not receive the oils, while the delivery agents claimed it to be delivered. This discrepancy is resolved by Deliforce. Once the deliveries are done successfully, the delivery agents need to collect electronic proof of delivery from the customers, such as signature, image of the delivered product an so on, as a proof of delivery.

Delayed and failed deliveries

The causes of delayed and failed deliveries are easily tracked with Deliforce. Since the delivery agents can be constantly monitored, delay in delivery due to irresponsibility of the agents are eliminated. All unwanted stops made by the agents can be tracked thus offering Desisri an increase of 57% on time delivery, than without Deliforce.

Travelling to the same area number of times

Route optimization offered by Deliforce, helps the delivery agents to optimise their deliveries and take up delivery tasks at the same location, such that they do not have to travel again and again. This saves time and money, thus reducing delayed deliveries by 78%.

Moving forward with higher speed

With Deliforce, Desiri has got new wings and is moving swiftly towards fulfilling their goals and set higher goals. Ths company can now simply focus on offering better quality products and chemical free oils, leaving the operations and management to Deliforce.

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