How Deliforce’s Delivery Management Software Enhances Customer Experience?



The key factor that keeps you at the forefront of a restaurant food delivery business is the customer experience. It’s a perfect marketing tool for your business that customers share their honest feedback about your services or products with their friends and relatives, and if it’s positive feedback, obviously your brand could reach many people. But think about the opposite scenario, what if your food deliveries are not up to the mark? What if you misplaced or had late deliveries? The response will be in a negative manner which could ruin all the credibility of your food delivery business.


At this juncture, we realize the need for a delivery management software that can streamline all the data, track your food order, manage the team, optimize the routes, etc. All the issues that are prevailing in a conventional system of food delivery can be erased with automation. The delivery service software can assist your food delivery business, no matter the size, it always takes your business productivity and efficiency to a better margin. Deliforce is SaaS-based delivery management software offering real-time tracking of the delivery agents, delivery route optimization, and provides field force management. The performance and the customer experience of your business can be improved with a delivery service. Take a look at the various points that help you to enhance a good customer experience.


Real-time tracking of delivery agents


The delivery management software tracks the delivery agents in real-time and streamlines the complete data. It helps to find the optimized route and provides the direction of the shortest route covering multiple destinations. A proper fleet tracking software saves your food delivery business and it is beneficial to the delivery agents that it notifies the challenges faced by them in certain routes. The delivery management software gives information about the peak hours of the day, delivery hotspots, etc which are the necessary factors to be considered for the growth of the business. Since the proper fleet tracking offers on-time deliveries and provides notifications regarding delivery updates, it ensures a good customer experience.


Simple UI design for easy navigation


A food delivery app should be simple, enticing, easy to navigate and allow users to search nearby restaurants, food menu, place an order, check order and delivery status, etc. So the user interface must have a user-centered design so as to manage the activities quickly. Try to design from the perspective of a customer, their preferences and tastes have to be considered to ensure a better customer experience. If necessary, one can conduct a survey or interview some of the potential customers to know the honest necessities. 


Meeting fast delivery standards


The online food delivery business is highly competitive, even if you have delivery management software, its efficiency, and the management of the workforce matters. Deliforce offers fast deliveries which are an important factor to provide a better customer experience. There are many online delivery businesses that offer quick deliveries that could be on the next day, the same day, or within a few hours. But when it comes to the food delivery business, time is even more critical that you have to meet the deliveries within minutes. Meeting fast delivery standards is not impossible, but a feasible and efficient delivery management software can keep your business forefront of the competitive crowd.


Fast delivery saves cost


Customer satisfaction depends on the performance of the food delivery business. Thus fast deliveries save time, money, and fuel. Along with providing a good customer experience, faster deliveries reduce cost and enhance performance. During the start of the business, you might have a small number of deliveries and it is not difficult to deal with those. But, as time passes, the number gets higher and you need to deliver food on time to multiple destinations which is difficult to manage without delivery service software. Deliforce’s delivery management software manages all these issues with route optimization and ensures that the food reaches the destinations without any delay and no stock is wasted. We work in a systematic and coordinated manner to hit the profit margin and to make customers feel that we are a part of their journey.


Secure payment feature


Deliforce’s food delivery management software provides multiple payment options for the customers considering their preferences for easy and trouble-free payment.  The options include online credit/debit cards, wallet payment, net banking, and cash-on-delivery. The food delivery business should focus on secure digital payment incorporating encryption mechanisms.


Customer feedback


Customer feedback is the most important tool to improve your food delivery business. Apart from real-time tracking check Importance of route optimization, Deliforce offers customer feedback sections to know the reviews about our services that help us to correct the existing flaws for providing a better customer experience. The company can review the honest feedback about the food delivery business from social media like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc. that the existing market trends, the approach towards your marketing strategies, and requirements of the customers in the competitive environment can be analyzed. Deliforce’s talented professionals can identify the issues on-time and handcraft the right digital solutions to every single problem you are facing and can take immediate action to distinguish your food delivery business from the competitors.


Technical chatbot feature


A technical chatbot feature is an effective tool to help customers in interacting with the business. They can ask queries, get information about offers, vouchers, and can resolve complaints. The dedicated team of the food delivery business can provide assistance to enhance the customer experience. The technical chatbot integration of Deliforce offers seamless services and helps customers to enjoy a hassle-free experience.


Multiple Integrations and Analytics 


Deliforce’s delivery management software has a flexible supply management chain where so many apps such as Google Docs, Google Maps, Google Drive, Google Sheets, Zapier, Salesforce, Slack, etc. can be integrated to ease down the task and provide a better customer experience. Interactive analytics gives the overall growth of the business in a graphical manner. The admin can view complete information about the ongoing, completed, delayed, and upcoming tasks. Geofencing features of the delivery service software mark off the virtual boundaries of the operational area for a specific agent. This location based-service helps to detect and communicate when mobile devices enter, exit, or remain parked in the geographical location.




Delivery management software is beneficial for the food delivery businesses that automate every single task, pickup, and delivers food orders on-time. Deliforce is an efficient delivery management software offering real-time tracking of agents, route optimization using the best workforce management system. Precise marketing strategies along with the flexible delivery management software offer ultimate services to streamline all the business operations providing a better customer experience.


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