Importance of a Delivery Route Planner in your Business


The growth of your delivery company depends on the smooth functioning and efficiency of the delivery route planner. In the initial phase of your business, it is easy for you to deliver products because you have a limited number of deliverables and the management part is not tedious. But as this phase is gone, your business grows further and you get a higher number of orders that you have to deliver within a limited time along with saving money, time, and fuel. So a feasible and efficient solution is mandatory under the mentioned situation.

Deliforce is a delivery management company that offers ultimate delivery tracking in real-time and streamlines the complete data. The software speedups your delivery process and saves your money, time, and fuel. We build your team, plan, and manage your tasks with a flexible workforce management platform. You can contact us for more benefits and experience our services.

Delivery route planner

A delivery route planner is a software that sequences your route, figures out the best routes covering the maximum number of destinations, and schedules steps in the best possible way. The route planner collects the addresses of the customers, and the schedule stops. It acts as a human scheduler with only fewer limitations. The route planner maps out the path in the shorter order pattern and tracks the delivery agents in real-time. There is a provision for the admin to add, edit, delete, and set a deadline for tasks and all the agents receive a notification. The app helps to navigate to multiple destinations thus ensuring on-time deliveries.

Deliforce route planner app provides a list and map view of all the agents and the status of their tasks and its automatic dispatching in bulk amounts. Deliforce also offers multi-stop scheduling, showing you how many points they have covered. According to the real-time traffic conditions, they optimize the routes through machine learning analysis by using an artificial intelligence system (AI).

Need for a delivery route planner

The smooth running of your delivery business can be ensured with a delivery route planner. You need to be vigilant about all possible issues that could arise when you deal with the business without proper delivery management software. The questions like, is everything running perfectly? What are the hidden issues in the business? Are the existing delivery procedures feasible enough to save your money, time, and fuel?

The delivery route planner gives simple and best solutions to all your problems. It aims at reducing the transportation cost, to solve the issues of late deliveries, to consider the remarks of customers and rectify the delivery issues, to shorter the delivery route along with including maximum delivery stops, to save more time, to track the task of the agents and their performance, to make an efficient communication with the delivery agent, to analyze the issues facing by the agents when using certain routes and to find alternative routes, etc. Customer satisfaction is the prime goal of delivery management software. All features are arranged for the easy understanding and tracking of the products. 

Check if you are receiving any complaints from the customers, any unnecessary time-consuming deliveries, the urgent need for more delivery agents, delivery planner failures, abrupt loss of money on certain routes, etc. If you are struggling with these issues, delivery management software is a perfect solution for the enhancement of sales.

Need for a delivery route planning app

A delivery route app helps in the efficient utilization of all resources provided for the business and enhances its sales through better functionality. The main points are:

  • It ensures route optimization with on-time deliveries, less time-consuming schedules, maximizes employees’ time, fewer driving hours which decreases the road accidents and decreases the overall cost of the process.
  • It can integrate with e-commerce business to import their goods more efficiently
  • It improves the overall productivity of your delivery business with the very least loss of money.

Why Deliforce for all of your delivery route planning needs?

The best delivery management system of Deliforce tracks the pick-ups, deliveries, effective platform for field force work, logistics and appointments that offers you hassle-free tracking of delivery agents. The dashboard shows all the delivery agents along with their tasks and map views. Streamlining of the task is possible where customers can provide their digital signatures as proof of delivery, notes, and photos of their tasks. The graphical overview of the tasks over a certain period of time can be seen in the dashboard as an interactive analytics option. Deliforce offers a flexible delivery management system where it can deliver products based on the set order priorities, generates route plan recommendations by integrating with API based on your time-windows. It minimizes the time, errors, and reduces the paperwork. The software always leverages the input of the drivers by considering their insights and the proper analysis of their feedback.


Deliforce is the perfect delivery tracking and management software to optimize your dream delivery or e-commerce business with utmost dedication, efficiency, and teamwork. It tracks the real-time of the agents and streamlines the complete data to analyze and to magnify the performance of your company. It acts as an efficient human scheduler to manage your route planning, scheduling tasks, and delivery pattern, considering the reviews and requirements of employees and customers, etc. for the betterment of your business.

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