How Deliforce Effectively Ensures Proof of Delivery (POD)


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Then it would be best if you acknowledged the terminologies like Proof of delivery and bill of lading. When customers place an order for online delivery, on receiving the product, the delivery person can ask you for the sign on a digital tool prior to handing the item. This is known as the Proof of delivery.

Proof of delivery is considered as the confirmation of the receipt of the ordered product as promised by the dispatcher. Sometimes people don’t receive their desired or ordered product on time as the item could not make it to the recipient. POD helps to make an accord between the sender and the recipient that implies all items delivered to the recipient are in good condition, and the recipient received the item on time.

However, the process can become tedious in the absence of an effective Proof of delivery app to perform the smooth exchanges between the sender and the recipient.

Proof of delivery Vs. Bill of lading

While delineating Proof of delivery and bill of lading, both of them are important to delivery processes. With the help of the new Proof of delivery tracking, you are capable of monitoring different product deliveries at the same time. It helps to keep a record of the receipt signed by the recipient who placed the order online.

Electronic proof of delivery

On the other hand, the bill of lading is a document signed by the carrier on receiving the product from the sender for product transport to the recipient. The two documents play a significant role in delivery systems. It assists in establishing coordination and helps to knock out any error that might have caused all the way to the recipient receiving the ordered item.

Distinct types of Proof of delivery

The electronic proof of delivery and the traditional method of delivery are the two broadly categorized PODs. However, both of them serve the same functionalities, but they have distinct document kinds. With the help of the traditional method of POD, it is physically signed by the recipient during the time of delivery of the online ordered product. With the help of the traditional method of signing, the driver receives the recipient’s details and also gets them signed upon delivery of the product.

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The electronic mode of delivery is usually most useful and easy to access. Various branded carriers such as FEDX and DHL use the electronic Proof of delivery mode to process the digital signature by the recipient. The Proof of Delivery app makes it easier as it helps in the instant digital signature of the recipient on receiving the product. It assists in keeping the data of the recipient, and a mail is sent to him that comprises the e-signature. The complete data of the system goes to the sender, recipient, and logistics department. Thus, it provides transparency to the business operations the logistics and the senders are handling.

The importance of Proof of delivery for delivery logistics

Proof of delivery can be relevant to businesses in a number of ways. From maintaining high scalability to accountability measures, and the strengthening of business operations, Proof of delivery Software covers all prospects of the delivery management system. It measures the effective delivery of products from the seller to the recipient. At times, it can happen that the parcel delivered comprises financial or legal documents. The receiver provides the e signature when all things are undamaged or unaffected.

In addition to the above-mentioned benefit, the Proof of delivery tracking helps to store different information data related to the companies and the product recipient. The data consists of the time frame of the delivery, route covered by the delivery, customer comments, data of the recipient and many others.


delivery Proof


If you are looking for an all-in-one solution for last mile delivery purposes, then our POD system will help you to continue the business operations as well as functionalities smoothly. One can optimize more delivery options and time management promoting efficient delivery in a single day. The recent eCommerce delivery management and development has emphasized the global usage of POD systems at hand. Our developers have utilized effective technologies and advanced tools to devise such POD systems.

How is electronic Proof of delivery useful in applications?

An efficient Electronic Proof of Delivery is helpful in businesses as it diminishes the overall costing of traditional delivery methods and enhances operational efficiency.

Distinct advantages of using electronic delivery

  • Eliminate the traditional pen and paper mode

    With the effectual usage of the ePOD, one can easily deal with the recipient formalities and eliminates the manual entry of logistics. All information is delivered on time, and thus, there is no place for errors.
  • Advance onsite user experience

    With the help of the Proof of delivery system, users are able to track their parcels and get updated to the various status of the parcel delivery. One can easily track the details and need not connect to the support department as they receive all data in real-time. They administer pre-delivery and post-delivery notifications through status updates, complete tracking of delivery through a tracking link or id.
  • Administering faster service facility

    As you use a web-based Proof of delivery in logistics, there remain no paperwork issues as you can easily track everything through the system. The delivery drivers also don’t have to report to the company after delivering the product or parcel as the sender, and the logistics company gets updated to the delivery situation with the help of the tracking system. It helps to maintain a cordial correspondence among the employees and eliminates all kinds of miscommunication by leading to transparency from all ends.
  • Accuracy and authenticity

    The latest Proof of delivery Software is one of the cutting edge innovations of our developers and seeks to serve clients globally with effectual processes. The primordial pen and paper mode of communication has been outdated with the effective utilization of the electronic proof of the delivery system. As a high-end technology, this system is designed to give an accuracy of reports and data. Thereby businesses can achieve more results with the influential usage of the system.

The eradication of the manual entry system has led to reducing different errors. This, in turn, manages time as well as labour. Comprising features like invoices, billing, troubleshooting issues, rescheduling deliveries, efficient route optimisation, and others, this can become the handy POD system at hand.

Deliforce and Proof of delivery

When every offline industry is suffering a setback with the latest onset of the pandemic, the digital platform evinced more usage and application. As most people were quarantined, the online delivery processes increased.

Proof of delivery

  • Digital barcodes
    The barcode highlight of the Deliforce Proof of delivery system assists in verifying multiple parcels with barcode scanning. The record-keeping process becomes easier with barcode scanning as it enables easy tracking in real-time.
  • Digital signatures
    With the help of the POD system, it helps to maintain a record of the digital signature of the recipient as well as the image of the actual parcel delivered to the recipient on time.
  • Complete no-contact service
    With a view to the coronavirus outbreak when the entire world resorts to contactless processes, our system also enables no-contact service all throughout the journey. This is significant keeping in mind the present pandemic circumstances.
  • Identity authentication
    The identity recognition of the Proof of delivery app ensures complete authentication of the identity of the recipient. This helps in recognizing the receiver individual with authentic ID details to avoid any mistake.
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Conclusive dictum

Are you planning to start a logistics business? Then you would effectively require the usability of the Proof of last mile carrier tracking and delivery management system which will help to build a no-gap communication between multiple parties, scalable performance, smooth out business functionalities, and promote efficient business processes. Connect with the expert developers team to explore the digital world of logistics and know how it is helpful to your business.


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