Seamless delivery services with Last mile delivery software

Last mile delivery is a challenging business where there is a lot of competition and even greater expectation in customers. Inorder to reach the customer expectations you need to have a Last mile delivery software which offers optimized routes, real-time tracking, automatic dispatch, notifications, predictable ETA’s, customer feedback, analytics management, etc. for seamless and efficient delivery services. We offer a fully customized SaaS-based Last mile delivery management software which resolves last mile challenges saving operational costs and time.

Last mile delivery management software

With an efficient Last mile delivery management software customers as well as the Admin can track the delivery person in real-time.

Admin can assign tasks to agents, view customer feedback and manage analytics which helps to improve the ROI of the business. By using the best Last mile delivery software the operational efficiency will be increased, delivery agents will get clarity on their day-to-day operations, real-time visibility of the delivery agents and Admin gets the complete control of the operations.

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Customer App, Delivery Agent App & Manager Dashboard
Delivery Tracking & Alerts for Customers/Managers

Last mile delivery management- Now easy with Deliforce

Get an efficient Last mile delivery software which helps you in task allocation, smart tracking, delivery scheduling, and other features now available in mobile as well as web applications.

Our Last mile logistics software helps customers to schedule the delivery of the product in their convenient time, track their product in real-time, make payments through multiple payment gateways and give feedback or ratings about the delivery service.

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Boost your on-time deliveries with our Last mile logistics software

In order to meet the delivery expectations of customers you must have a proper Last mile delivery management software that offers a faster delivery route without any delays.

Our Route optimization feature helps you in acquiring the most optimized and the shortest route so that all the deliveries can be done on time earning customer satisfaction.

We offer customizable delivery management solutions tailored to your business requirements.

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Last mile delivery software FAQs

Will I get a free demo about the Last mile delivery software?

Yes. Upon your request, we will schedule a convenient time to give a free demo about the Last mile delivery software. Contact us for a free demo!

Can I try delivery management software before subscription?

Yes. You can have a free trial plan before subscription. Here you can have one delivery agent, unlimited tasks can be assigned, unlimited teams and unlimited dispatchers. You can avail our last mile delivery management software having real-time tracking and fleet management for free.

How can I make payment to have a subscription?

You can make payments through multiple modes of payment like net banking, credit/ debit cards or other payment methods.

What are the key features of Last mile delivery management software?

The key features of Last mile delivery management software includes real-time tracking, automatic dispatch, schedule delivery, task allocation, alert notifications, fleet management, electronic proof of delivery, customer feedback, and analytics management.

Will it be possible to upgrade the existing plan?

Yes. You can reach us out and upgrade your current plan. We will discuss with you regarding the plan you can choose and upgrade accordingly.

What to do if the subscription expires?

You can easily renew your plan or select another plan based on your business requirements. You can make the payment online and continue the delivery management services.

Will you offer any support for the plan which is chosen?

Yes. Our team will be available to offer necessary support over Email, Phone as well as on Skype. Contact us for any queries or support.

Will there be any hidden charges while using Last mile delivery management software?

There will not be any hidden charges. All the applicable charges are mentioned on the pricing page of Deliforce.

Who can really enjoy Deliforce?

All businesses dealing with pickup, delivery and workforce management can enjoy the benefits of Deliforce.


Features of last mile delivery software

Manage All Deliveries at One Place

Schedule delivery

Auto Pickup & Delivery Dispatch

Smart tracking

Real-Time Agent Tracking

Frictionless delivery experience

Performance Analytics

Automatic Dispatch


Performance analytics

Ratings & Reviews

Customer feedback

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