The comprehensive fieldforce management through a centralized dashboard

Financial institutions and the finance industry finds the best platform to manage and track their workforce and operations, with workforce management system for banking and finance. Generation of all financial reports and analytics are facilitated with this solution, as it offers easy generation of graphs with input data. The finance industry can not only keep track of their expenses and earning better, but gets an optimised solutions for simplifying the entire operations using the Best field force tracking system for banking. Schedule and track daily operations in real time.

Field force tracking management software

Key facts


Increased number of customer visits


Increased route planning accuracy


Increased span of operations


Increased visibility in real time


Decreased failed visits


Decreased cost of resources

Benefits that drives you into the ocean of Deliforce

An array of benefits are offered to the finance industry, that makes this platform inevitable in this sector.
customer Customers

The customers are benefited with the quick notifications and updates, sharing information instantly helping in tracking the agents .

agent Sales reps

The agents can be assigned tasks in a bulk, tracked by their status of job as well as location and they can be guided with locations and customer contacts readily.

dashboard Dashboard

Using the dashboard the finance industry can deploy agents all over the world and yet stay connected with all of them, tracking each of the agents and communicating and collaborating effectively.

How it works

Field workforce operations made easy with real time agent tracking and appointment management.

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Transforming Business to have Effective Nextgen Logistics

A field force tracking management system can be defined as the work force automation process which helps to advance work processes and track work force required by organizations for field operations. The field work force comprises direct or indirect handling and it is managed with this system.
A field force management software is developed with API integration to promote customer aggregation. With its implementation, one can maintain a bird’s eye view over all the field sales. Additionally, it proffers easy integration of graphs having data. The financial firm can track all expenses, thereby, enhancing business growth.
Yes, the system has inbuilt data insecurity that protects all data in a combined way so that it remains free from all kinds of malicious online threats. All data are stored and maintained in a secured manner.
The GPS enabled system has been designed in a way to track all field sales operations in the banking and insurance sectors. It can also keep track of the field agents and their work. At the end of every operation, this workforce tracking system enables work efficiency.
Among the many challenges faced by a field force system, a few of them comprises customer relationship management, precise real-time tracking, management of operations, measuring KPIs and many others. But this can be resolved with the Deliforce field force tracking management system for banking services.
Yes, it provides a well-managed dashboard for the financial service client so that they can employ field agents and staff in any part of the world. They can also keep track of them by the system. It helps in communicating with the different parties under one segment.