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The effective last mile delivery platform supports enterprises and operations to achieve optimized logistics delivery. With its extensive application, businesses can boost their productivity, increased efficiency, customer experience, and growth. With over 500 happy customers, we aim at enforcing the best industry methods to build a dynamic platform.


What is Delivery Management Software?

  • Orders integration from web
  • View all orders
  • Place an order
  • Check driver location
  • Get Real-time tracking
Dispatch & Route covered
  • Automation of orders sending to drivers
  • Drivers accept delivery orders
  • Automating dispatch
  • Receives optimized routes
  • Tracking of Drivers’ location
Driver alerts
  • View delivery status on mobile
  • Track order status
  • Alerts to customers
  • View delivery points
  • Acquire proof of delivery
Efficient Delivery ∓ feedback
  • Delivery management
  • Receiving feedbacks
  • Monitor delivery reports
  • View analytics
  • Efficient delivery

Streamline Delivery Business Operations Integrated with Custom-rich
Features for Delivery Management System

Process of

Optimizing logistics

We are the pioneers of transforming your business model to reach the desired goals and outcomes. From effective planning to outlining, developing to designing, using advanced techniques to improved strategies, we are on the verge of setting the landmark to the next generation delivery management system. At the very outset, all processes are made transparent and thus ensure predictability. Additionally, it drives seamless correspondence by administering real-time tracking and optimized route solutions. Different operations are created for maintaining smooth business operations.


5 M+

Deliveries Completed


50 M+

Miles Tracked


20 +



1000 +



15 +


Deliforce App Features All in One Roof for
Final Mile Delivery Solutions

It is our duty to make logistics better for everyone by diminishing costs.

Advanced Dispatching

A unique logistics SaaS solution that enables effective automation of dispatching tasks. The easy to use interface eliminates all manual dispatching processes and promotes automation.

Optimized Routes

Update the productivity of deliveries with smart route optimization to save time and cost of your business operations. This enables us to assign, schedule, and dispatch many delivery tasks in a single day.

Real-time tracking and alerts

By adopting real time delivery tracking software, final mile delivery management has become easier. The system automatically sends tracking reports and delivery alerts to enhance business operations.

Proof of Delivery

The system works with the electronic and digital signatures of the recipient on receiving the delivery item. From pickup to delivery, all processes are integrated automatically thereby streamlining last mile delivery processes.

Driver App Features

Deliforce driver app enables to assign jobs, optimize routes, convey daily sheets, monitor delivery completions, and dispatch real-time delivery updates to the receiver. This maintains the smooth working of the delivery process.

Customer Notification

The user-friendly interface notifies the customers of ETAs, customized SMS alerts, and real-time tracking of deliveries in order to secure reliable and on-time delivery completion.


What our happy customer says

Deliforce has streamlined logistics and delivery opportunities for many enterprises and companies across the globe.

Mahesha M.
Director, Food Production

“Great. Worth subscribing it. This App is very useful in taking the decision on delivery to my company on real time basis. It integrated all the features what we were looking for.”

Jayantha S.
Courier Logistics and Supply, Chain

“Being able to see the job progress online and real time tracking, delivery app makes so easy for courier boys to find exact location and smart route always tells what to do next. It is very user friendly and no need demos to use the software and simple structures and interface make it more easy to use”

Ravin J.
Proprioter Logistics and Supply, Chain

“All are very supportive and quick to respond. They are always able to find a way out. The team is more focused on improving the product instead of generating revenue which is a big plus. Wish you all the best Deliforce team!”


Transforming Business to have Effective Nextgen Logistics

Delivery management systems have unique challenges in urban as well as rural areas. A driver may need to travel more between each delivery drop-off in rural locations. In urban areas, traffic jams pose a serious threat in slowing down deliveries even if locations are closer to each other.
For different companies and businesses, the main objective is serving the customers and accomplishing customer satisfaction. With the delivery courier tracking system, the customer can track the parcel and check the status of the product. From the customer’s part, he or she gets satisfied with the status and receives on-time delivery of products. This is the reason why delivery software plays an important role in business operations.
With the help of delivery management solutions, many businesses such as retails, ecommerce, groceries, manufacturing companies, and 3PLs get the opportunity to optimize and enhance high-end logistics operations. It administers delivery operation management, routing, KPIs, and promotes smooth deliveries.
The last mile delivery system is a process that works with tracking all the moving operations in a delivery management ecosystem. It enables eradicating delays in deliveries, accurate KPIs, optimization of costs, and leads to improved productivity.
Deliforce supports the universal language, English at its core. In situations, if clients need any customizations, we do it for them.
Being a SaaS based delivery management system, it assists in last mile delivery, tracking, scheduling, and routing solutions. It works effectively by managing business functions under a single all-around platform.
The development team provides both web based and mobile app based platforms. All features are created for the easy usage of users and they avail a user-friendly interface that they can access from anywhere.
Deliforce is dedicated to serving many countries across the globe. The service has effective usability in countries like the USA, Canada, Singapore, and many other countries. One can easily avail the services at hand.

Benefits of Implementing Deliforce

Deliforce helps businesses to simplify and automate the entire process of logistics. It is time to get recognised from the crowd with final mile solutions. It is our duty to optimize all operations in the delivery system as per your business requirements.


Increased Productivity


Greater Work Efficiency


Reduced Cost

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