Join the dots between effective teaching and learning, with a simple management platform

The education industry is indeed one of the largest sector all over the world, building and shaping lives of millions of learners. This industry can focus of effective teaching and outcome based learning, only if the workforce management is taken care by an efficient manager like Deliforce, with a GPS Tracking App For College Bus.

Vehicle tracking system

Key facts


Increased number of pickups and dropoffs


Increased visibility for parents


Increased span of operations


Increased vehicle tracking efficiency


Decreased overall delay


Decreased missing of children

Benefits that drives you into the ocean of Deliforce

The education industry receives a boon for its effective workforce and transportation management solution, which easy to use and relied upon.
customer Customers

Customers or the parents of the students are offered with the best pickup and drop off services, with real-time updates and notifications of locations, with contact details of the agents.

agent Drivers

The educators and the teachers are assigned tasks using this platform, while they update their work status in the portal, offering a consolidated report to the schools or universities.

dashboard Dashboard

The core of this application, the dashboard is used by the admin to regulate the system and track the work of each of the agents, successfully with minimum effort.

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How it works

Field workforce operations made easy with real time agent tracking and appointment management.

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