Track intercity fleet movements on a single dashboard

The transportation industry deploys a large number of fieldforce workers or agents as well as serves a huge volume of customers. Hence, management in this industry has always been a major issue. Lack of effective tracking and management results in the loss of revenue earned from the transportation industry. With Deliforce, the Taxi and Cab tracking system, the issues of fleet management is nullified with best and efficient agent tracker, report maker, accounts keeper helping the industry to focus on transportation only, while fleet management is taken care by Deliforce.

Transportation tracking software

Key facts


Increased no of deliveries


Increased route planning accuracy


Increased location visits


Increased vehicle utilization


Increased delivery boy efficiency


Decreased failed visits

Benefits that drives you into the ocean of Deliforce

Transportation industry gets the perfect solution for its fleet management and agent tracking with the Vehicle Tracking software Deliforce.
customer Customers

The customers get notified of the cars, with their expected time of arrival, contact of the driver along with his location. This helps the customers to get in touch with the drivers as and when needed.

agent Drivers

The agents are assigned tasks automatically, with being notified of the customer’s location, pickup and delivery. Managing their own tasks is also facilitated using this platform.

dashboard Dashboard

The dashboard helps the admin to allocate tasks, track them as well as help them serve the customers better.

How it works

The best tracking and management solution for last mile delivery tracking to offer seamless operations.

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Transforming Business to have Effective Nextgen Logistics

Transportation industry has to depend upon a large number of fieldforce workers and thus also rely on a huge customer base. Manual managing of the functions can lead to errors and glitches. With the inclusion of the Deliforce, fleet management gets simplified with efficient tracking, report preparing, account management, delivery scheduling, and so on.
The fleet management software is a system that helps to streamline all delivery operations with automation, realtime tracking, asset information, and many others enabling increased efficiency and compliance. The transport industry has evinced the increasing importance of the transport management system in recent days.
As a result of the vehicle management system, the users are flexible to maintain a close watch on the different prospects such as automation of task assignment, real-time tracking of vehicles, route planning, delivery agent tracking, and keeping tracks of all the records.
After the implementation of the vehicle management system, clients can see the different benefits. It helps in increasing route planning efficiency, augmenting the number of deliveries, increased number of deliveries, decreasing delayed visits, amplifying vehicle utilization, and also promotes business growth.
Yes, the Deliforce vehicle management system enables the fleet manager to routine as well as schedule transports. Thus, the transportation industry can have a great advantage in adopting vehicle tracking systems.
Deliforce vehicle management and tracking system is developed in a way that gives active alarms, alerts and warning in case of any difficulties during driving. It also helps to warn in matters of rash driving and during emergency situations.