Advanced appointment scheduling with healthcare service providers

Healthcare solutions made easy with Deliforce advanced appointment scheduling platform, that helps customers to book an appointment with the doctors, get notifications as a remainder of the appointment. The admin of the hospital using this solution gets the privilege to manage the workforce successfully and track each agents listed, thus optimizing and simplifying the healthcare operations. Scheduling and tracking daily operations and managing thousands of patients becomes easy with this ultimate solution. Fieldforce management is critically essential for healthcare industry and hence needs to be managed, tracked and regulated at its best. The tracking of field nurses and other healthcare professionals gets easier with Deliforce.

Healthcare Software

Key facts


Increased number of field nurse visits


Increased healthcare professionals efficiency


Increased span of operations


Increased visibility in real time


Decreased visit delays


Decreased error in medical documents

Benefits that drives you into the ocean of Deliforce

Deliforce offers a bunch of benefits to the healthcare industry that helps it to work even more efficiently.
customer Customers

The customers or the patients are benefited with the quick appointment booking with the doctors and help them use the healthcare benefits seamlessly.

agent Field nurses

The agents use this platform effectively such that they can get instant notifications of the tasks, track their daily jobs and be in touch with the customers and the admin effectively.

dashboard Dashboard

Using the dashboard the hospitals and the health institutes can manage their entire operations better, thus collaborating effectively with the workforce of the healthcare industry as well as the patients.

How it works

Field workforce operations made easy with real time agent tracking and appointment management.

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Transforming Business to have Effective Nextgen Logistics

Deliforce healthcare management software helps in advanced appointment scheduling where customers can easily schedule appointments with doctors and also receive appointment notifications in the form of reminders. Thus, field-force management critically helps in managing all healthcare-related aspects at ease.
The admin manager of the healthcare services has the flexibility to manage the work processes and therefore, helps to track all operations easily. It helps in optimizing healthcare functionalities, tracking daily operations, and managing many numbers of patients. Thus, this system serves as an essential backdrop for the healthcare industry.
By dint of utilizing the dashboard, the healthcare industry institutes are capable of managing their service related operations efficiently. The dashboard helps them to keep a 360 degree view of the entire healthcare facets, staff managing and work performance.
Yes, it administers real time data on the appointments and availability of doctors. The healthcare managers don't have to manage them manually. It provides all data in real time thereby assisting organizations to remain updated and make smarter decisions.
With the feature of the quick appointment scheduling and booking, the customers can make appointments in available doctor time. Thus, they can avail healthcare related services easily with the advanced appointment scheduling system.
Due to a number of factors, a workforce management system is advantageous to the healthcare industry. From real time tracking to seamless task distribution, increased collaboration with customers to notification alerts and appointment reminders, all are the beneficial aspects of Deliforce.