Adaptable real estate industry solution rebuild with Deliforce

The real estate industry had been staying far away from the digital platform, resulting in loss of potential customers from all over the world. Deliforce, the Real estate Brokerage professionals tracking app brings the real estate and property industry to this platform helping in workforce and field workers management, along with efficiently tracking them, assigning work and gathering complete statistics of the operations.

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Key facts


Increased no of deliveries


Increased route planning accuracy


Increased location visits


Increased vehicle utilization


Increased delivery boy efficiency


Decreased failed visits

Benefits that drives you into the ocean of Deliforce

Real estate and property industry build its base on Deliforce, for management and agent tracking
customer Customers

The customers of the real estate industry gets quick notifications and responses of their queries, along with updates of the property they enquired for, with details such as expected possession date and so on.

agent Agents

The agents get their tasks automatically assigned, along with complete statistics of their daily work, helping them keep a perfect track of their busy schedule.

dashboard Dashboard

The dashboard tracks all the agents, the deliveries as well as the pickups and help in seamless operations of the real estate industry, along with keeping an account of their financial records.

How it works

Field workforce operations made easy with real time agent tracking and appointment management.

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Transforming Business to have Effective Nextgen Logistics

A real estate property management software is a real estate property and brokerage system that helps to maintain the general operations of real estate such as property management, brokerage management, financial transactions, property data, and many others.
The property management system enables property managers and brokers to maintain the day to day functionalities of the property related aspects. From property maintenance to risk management, online accounting to data maintenance all can be done securely with the system.
Having such a significant property management system will not only help to streamline real estate business operations but it also helps in creating a seamless customer experience. The system helps in workforce and field work management.
Owing to the easy integration of the property management system, the agents can receive their assignments automatically. They also obtain the complete data of daily operations, thus enabling them to track their own work schedule.
Yes, Deliforce real estate property management system offers real-time tracking of work processes and business operations. It keeps tracking the agents and maintains a close record of the financial records.
The real estate tracking system helps in the long term sustainability of the business growth. When property managers have the automated real estate property management system, it assists them in managing work field force operations, tracking work efficiency, and real time tracking of agents. Businesses can evince the increased work efficiency and productivity within a short time.