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  • The last mile delivery solutions effectively support organizations, enterprises and startups to accomplish optimized logistics delivery.
  • Deliforce is the best cloud-based delivery management solution specially designed for startups, medium-scale businesses and enterprises.
  • With the paperless delivery and route planning system, business operations become streamlined and simpler.
  • It is time to get started with last-mile delivery solutions.
  • Businesses can boost efficiency, productivity, and growth with real-time performance monitoring systems.

Advanced Last Mile Delivery System

The last mile delivery solution from Deliforce offers an easy solution for optimizing and managing the processes involved in the delivery.
We render a delivery management solution that goes beyond the simple process of just delivering and offers end-to-end delivery
scheduling, proof of delivery, advanced route optimization software, delivery notifications and many more.

Reduced costs

End-to-end delivery

Reduced costs

Proof of delivery

Reduced costs

Advanced route
optimization software

Reduced costs

Delivery notifications

Deliforce Features

One Stop Solution For Delivery Management

As an all-around solution, it streamlines logistics operations in an effective way.

Reduced costs

Optimized Routes

These features enable the productivity of deliveries with smart route optimization for saving time and the cost of business operations. This enables assigning, scheduling and dispatching delivery tasks.

Reduced costs

Advanced Dispatching

The unique logistics solution offers efficient automation of dispatch. It is simple to use and eradicates operations promoting efficient automation in delivery processes.

Reduced costs

Real-time Tracking & Alerts

As a real-time delivery tracking solution in Dubai, Deliforce enables last mile delivery management solutions. The system automatically sends tracking reports to embellish business opportunities.

Reduced costs

Driver App Features

With the help of deliforce driver features, one gets the option to optimize routes, assign jobs, dispatch real-time delivery, monitor delivery completions, and many more. This, in turn, maintains the smooth working of delivery operations.

Reduced costs

Proof of Delivery

Digital proof of delivery has enabled contactless payment proof on receiving the delivery item. All delivery processes are automatically integrated within the last-mile delivery operations.

Reduced costs

Customer Notification

Having a user-friendly interface, the platform sends a notification to customers about ETA, SMS alerts, and real-time tracking of deliveries to secure on-time delivery of products.

Streamline Delivery Business Operations
With Custom-Rich Features

As one of the pioneers of last mile delivery solutions, it converts businesses to mark the desired objective on time. Right from efficient planning to designing, and developing to using advanced technologies and improved strategies, our next-gen delivery workforce management software is highly effective in rendering real-time tracking systems. From the very beginning, all operations are made transparent for maintaining smooth business processes.

Reduced costs

Functionalities of Executing Deliforce

Deliforce has a greater role to automate and simplify the complete process of logistics. The last mile delivery management software
optimizes predefined delivery routes in real time and offers complete route planning to drivers. The route optimization software
provides routes that are automatically optimized for efficiency, significantly saving delivery costs and fuel.
Reduced costs
Higher work efficiency
Increased productivity
Increased productivity
Reduced costs
Reduced costs

The Right Delivery Business Solution:
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Deliforce is the best full-stack delivery solution.


Transforming Business to have Effective Nextgen Logistics

The connotation of last mile optimization can be best described as the organization and automation of delivery. Right from setting up seamless integrations to optimizing a multitude of delivery routes, the last mile delivery system assists in making your delivery operations smooth and seamless.
As SaaS-based fieldforce management software, Deliforce helps in workforce tracking, planning, scheduling, and routing solutions. With the help of the Fieldforce Management Software system, businesses are capable of streamlining functionalities involved within a field force work culture.
Yes, Deliforce offers proof of delivery after the shipment is received by the customer. This acts as a digital proof of delivery enabling the admin panel to stay informed of the successful delivery of products.
Our company has a specialized team of developers that administers both mobile apps and web-based platforms. Premium quality features are integrated with a user-friendly interface which users can access from anywhere.
Deliforce is created with agile development methodology and advanced technologies integrated with robust features. As the last mile delivery system, it offers a budget-friendly process that streamlines overall delivery operations involved within a delivery business environment.