Premium Last Mile Delivery Management System With Integrated Features

  • Deliforce is a leading delivery management system in Riyadh that strives to make your business processes hassle-free.
  • We help our clients with world-class delivery solutions, automating business processes and streamlining them catering to business needs.
  • Specially designed to amplify productivity, efficiency and effectiveness, the last mile delivery system is integrated with real-time route tracking for enhancing the overall delivery experience.

Distinct Delivery Management Solution

  • If you are in search of the best delivery management system, Deliforce is the ultimate solution for optimizing overall delivery operations.
  • It comprises a multitude of features such as route optimization, route planning, real-time delivery tracking, delivery schedules, proof of delivery, and many more.
  • Our development team has built the system both as a web and app platform catering to business needs.
Deliforce Features

A Great Platform For Delivery Management

As a one-stop solution, it streamlines logistics operations in an effective way.


Advanced Real-Time Tracking & Alerts

We offer effective real-time tracking features that are integrated into the system enabling the automatic sending of reports to enhance business solutions.


Route Optimization

Smart route optimization is an essential feature assisting delivery productivity. It ultimately saves the cost and time of managing the business processes.


Automatic Task Assignment & Dispatch

The on-demand delivery management software is specially designed to automate task assignments and dispatch to drivers and delivery businesses. Drivers get automated assignments allocated on time.


Driver App Features

The platform offers excellent features streamlining operations for driver delivering logistics and shipment. It involves auto job assignment, route optimization, real-time monitoring of operations, auto-dispatch and so forth.


Customer App Features

Deliforce platform automates the notification to customers regarding SMS alerts, ETA, and real-time tracking of deliveries for securing on-time delivery of products.


Report & Analytics

From the admin's end, the manager can have complete details of the delivery operations and gets the flexibility to perform required insights by collecting data reports on time.

Simplify Workforce Operations With Deliforce

We have created a unique delivery management system that helps to transform business processes with automation. Deliforce is a feature-rich delivery management software that assists in facilitating seamless delivery, workforce and field force operations. One of the major objectives of delivery software is to provide full-stack solutions to delivery logistics businesses by diminishing overall cost and time.


Benefits of Deliforce For Your Business

Deliforce is the easiest way for managing deliveries and collections. Using the effective delivery management system, one can easily keep track of deliveries and drivers for allocating new jobs with task scheduling and assignment. The SaaS-based delivery management software offers end-to-end delivery scheduling solutions in addition to digital proof of delivery, advanced route optimization algorithms, automated delivery report analytics, real-time delivery tracking and many more.
Higher work efficiency
Increased productivity
Reduced costs


Transforming Business to have Effective Nextgen Logistics

Different challenges are faced by logistics and last-mile delivery businesses. These difficulties mainly involve increasing costs, delivery delays, real-time visibility, inefficient route planning, traditional technologies and several uncertainties.
Deliforce has been able to resolve different challenges involved in delivery operations. The platform is able to improve customer-warehouse proximity and optimize delivery vehicle routes with dynamic route optimization & planning. Additionally, it helps in acknowledging customers of the delivery ETA in real time. In this way, Deliforce has been able to resolve many difficulties involved in the delivery chain.
With the help of our delivery management software, packages can be easily tracked and managed. On the delivery of products, digital Proof of delivery is sent to the admin and customers, thereby marking a successful delivery notification. Customers are alerted with a notification confirming the time, location and so forth.
At Deliforce, we follow robust consistency in the delivery management process. Last mile processes involve admin, driver and customer app features enabling robust route optimization, driver task scheduling & assignment allocation, real-time tracking and many more. It offers a unique customer experience at different stages of the process.
Yes, Deliforce is well-integrated with a feature of proof of delivery that offers electronic delivery proof by means of tracking and recording all deliveries using a custom digital signature.