Empower Your Deliveries with Deliforce

  • As the best delivery management system, Deliforce offers effective delivery business solutions that not only strive to make your business simplified but also streamline operations.
  • It is our main objective to help clients with state-of-the-art delivery management that automates business processes.
  • It effectively scales operations and amplifies efficiency with the most advanced delivery software.
  • It has the potential to streamline delivery operations and deliver the best customer experience.

Streamline Operations With Delivery Management System

  • Deliforce helps to take your delivery business processes to the next level by utilizing effective route optimization, automated dispatch,real-time delivery management & tracking, ETAs, automatic SMS notifications, real-time driver tracking, and so forth.
  • With our developer-friendly API, seamlessly connect your mobile app, ERP, inventory management system, online ordering and others.
Advanced Features of Deliforce

Jumpstart Your Business With Our Delivery Management Software

As a one-stop solution, it streamlines logistics operations in an effective way.


Advanced Route Optimization

Deliforce offers effective route optimization so that drivers can deliver products/goods efficiently to destinations on time. With optimized routes, it becomes easier to perform delivery operations.


Real-Time Tracking & Notification Alerts

At Deliforce, we provide potential real-time tracking of deliveries to ensure deliveries are made at their destinations. It promotes auto-dispatch and sends automatic notification alerts.


Driver Features

For drivers, it provides an efficient platform by offering auto-task scheduling & route planning abilities. This makes it easier for them to deliver products to desired destinations.


Auto-Task Assigning & Dispatch

With the help of last-mile delivery solutions, delivery operations can easily automate task allocation, job assignments, and dispatch in addition to other delivery operations.


Customer Features

It is the main idea to offer excellent customer experience by providing real-time ETAs, securing deliveries across different locations, and efficient on-time delivery of products/goods.


Enterprise Grade

Having world-class SaaS-based fieldforce management software, it offers reliability, stability and hands-on support to enterprises, businesses and startups.

Simplify Fieldforce Processes With Interesting Features

Deliforce delivery management system is designed to work for fields and workforces that need pickup and delivery of the product. It is our prime motto to benefit businesses by customizing and configuring all services. As a leading last mile delivery system, Deliforce is created to simplify delivery operations involved in ecommerce, supply chain operations, transportation, logistics and many more.


How Deliforce Can Boost Your Business

If you are in search of a simplified way to streamline your delivery business, then Deliforce is the safest option. The platform is SaaS-based enabling multiple deliveries across different locations in an optimized way. The system comprises three separate windows for the manager dashboard, delivery agent portal and customer app. The admin/manager can have an all-round view across the delivery business including tracking, task status, viewing agent performance and thereby increasing productivity. Drivers and customers get a better experience with the delivery management system.
Higher work efficiency
Increased productivity
Reduced costs


Transforming Business to have Effective Nextgen Logistics

As a leading delivery management software, Deliforce centralizes different logistics data, renders real-time driver tracking, and advanced communication with drivers, automates delivery operations, automation of route planning, monitors driver performance, and many more.
From the very outset, last mile delivery businesses have suffered major difficulties in performing expert delivery operations. A multitude of reasons is responsible for the difficulties such as last mile deliveries that require the integration of advanced technologies, a completely professional workforce and the utilization of the right strategies to ensure successful last mile delivery solutions.
According to the latest statistics, if you measure the performance indicators then the main points involve revenue per client, revenue growth, client retention rate, profit margin, and customer satisfaction.
Deliforce is a renowned platform for delivery drivers, customers and a dashboard for managers. These three factors serve as beneficial respectively. For drivers, it enables the automation of task alerts, auto-dispatch, route optimization and task scheduling. Under the manager portal, it enables round-the-clock business view, driver performance and real-time tracking.