Last Mile Delivery Solution For Every Business

  • If you are searching for the best delivery management solution, then Deliforce is the best platform that helps to make your business more simplified.
  • As a delivery management solution for different business domains, it has multiple features that help to streamline business operations.
  • We have our core objectives that are integrated into daily operations to automate last-mile delivery processes.
  • Our delivery management software assists different businesses across the globe.

Improve Your Delivery Tracking With Deliforce

  • Deliforce is an on-demand delivery management software depending on a SaaS model that allows you to operate delivery businesses in the most flexible way.
  • Deliforce is created by the best development team of professionals leading to advanced technology.
  • It offers a wide range of features such as real-time delivery tracking, supply chain management, field-force management, route optimization, performance monitoring, auto task scheduling & dispatch and many more.
Effective Features of Deliforce

Streamline Your Delivery Operations

Deliforce has come a long way by accomplishing success in helping clients around the globe.


Real-Time Tracking & Automatic Notifications

Deliforce is a robust delivery management system that offers effective real-time delivery tracking to ensure delivery at their specific destination. It sends automatic notifications to admins regarding successful deliveries.


Route Optimization System

Delivery businesses often face challenges involved with route planning and delivery efficiency. This is solved by the route optimization system performing effective delivery operations.


Automatic Task Assignment

The process of automatic task scheduling and assignment has made it easier for businesses to automate operations including job allocation, task scheduling & dispatch.


Features for Drivers

With the help of a driver's portal, delivery people can receive automated tasks, pickup location and destination. Additionally, they receive optimized routes for efficient delivery.


Customer Features

For customers, Deliforce offers an excellent platform where customers receive real-time ETAs, on-time delivery of products, and efficient delivery on time.


Proof of Delivery

Our delivery management system provides proof of delivery through which delivery businesses obtain data relating to signatures, notes, barcodes and digital delivery evidence.

Advance Your Delivery Business With Last Mile Delivery

As a top fieldforce management solution, Deliforce has an interactive space for streamlining different delivery business operations right from real-time delivery tracking, effortless workforce management, performance & quality monitoring, auto task scheduling & dispatch and so forth. Owing to its variegated features and benefits, it has applications across different verticals such as supply chain management, transportation management, logistics, and many more.


Benefits of Deliforce For Your Business

Deliforce seamlessly connects to your existing tools making it easy to migrate as well as launch a delivery operation. As a SaaS-based platform, Deliforce offers three separate portals for admin/managers, customers and drivers. With the help of the advanced last mile delivery platform, businesses can transform from traditional processes to automation, significantly reducing costs and time.
Higher work efficiency
Increased productivity
Reduced costs

The Right Delivery Business Solution:
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Deliforce is the best full-stack delivery solution.


Transforming Business to have Effective Nextgen Logistics

As a SaaS-based delivery management solution, Deliforce helps in last-mile delivery, tracking, scheduling, and routing solutions. It performs well through proper delivery management serving as a one-stop platform for all delivery challenges.
We have a core development team that offers both mobile and web-based platform solutions. Different features are integrated into it for the seamless utilization of users. It has an interactive and user-friendly interface for easy access.
Our last mile delivery solution helps in tracking all actions performed within a delivery management environment. It enables eliminating delays in deliveries, route optimization, and prompt efficient delivery.
Different features are involved in delivery management systems such as route optimization, dispatch management, automated deliveries scheduling, real-time tracking and many more.